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  1. "WireInput: You have reached PHP’s “max_input_vars” setting of 1000 — please increase it." PHP was configured "by default". When increasing this value - than can upload more images.
  2. Hello Loading images into field with type of "image" And could upload only(!) 166 files. In config of Image type Field in the 'miximum files allowed' field is 0. is 166 magic number or it whichever restriction ? P.S. ProcessWire 3.0.123
  3. Thank for your rocket answer! Yes, some time ago i have a small project on PW. So i look forwards PW - PW and community are best. New project is an interface to our mailuser database where pages are mailuser entries. Email server will ask db about permissions and so on. Something that.
  4. Does it make sense to make a project in the ProcessWire if there are queries like "select mailbox from table" or "insert into table set field='a'" to it, and judging by the structure of ProcessWire database, you cannot make it simple. For example: postfix sql queries for quotes, checking mailboxes and so on.
  5. Hi, Sten. I think you too complicated your config. try this sections: I use tcp connection rathe then socket. Because it more easy. (in /etc/php/7.x/fpm/pool.d/www.conf needed entry listen = )
  6. Hi, Soma! Thanks for cool module! I use version 1.0.4 & php 7.0 and this is my problem. I have needed to add some new social networks. By you instruction I added some array in $config->MarkupSocialShareButtonsServices variable, but saw nothing. Because in __construct(): i make some tests: what do you think about? tnx
  7. Ofcause ironically. it was a newbie quastion and i was to guessed someself. Thanks again.
  8. Thankyou, Robin, for your detailed response! How i could forget about php type juggling?
  9. Hi! tell me, pls, how to execute this equality (from ready.php) $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) { if($event->object->hasField == 'FIELDNAME') { ..... } } - $hasField The Field object associated with this Inputfield (from definition parent class for InputfieldPage) the left side equation is the object entity, and the right side - the string How it is?
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