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  1. @kongondo Another thing: how would i go about to merge 2 mediamanager fields via API... if i add the media from one field to another i get the Class 'MediaManagerArray' doesn't yet implement method 'makeBlankItem() error ... foreach ($page->mm-field->media as $t-media ){ $_another_mmmedia_field.=$t-media; } ...
  2. Hi @kongondo, PW is 3.0.98 MM is 0.1.1 and ListerPro is 1.1.1 Thanks!
  3. Hi, i have trouble getting images resized in the listerPro module from Ryan. He asks if the MediaManager module implements the markupValue() method?! To clarify in The listerPro module can list fields such as images of records. in order to produce a nice list / table it can resize the images on the fly ... thumbnails of 80x80 or what ever setting you whish. In my setup this is not working (mediamanager field, single instance, only image allowed) and Ryan suggests the markupValue() is probably not implemented. I my self thought there might be an abstraction depth problem as
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