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  1. Sorry that the previous video doesn't depict what I was doing correctly and might have caused some confusion. Below is a more accurate representation of what it is about. Basically whenever I add a new row and insert a media element with the media manager, upon closing the media manager dialog window, it 'erases' all the repeater/repeater_matrix rows for the entire page. I'll have to add back all the rows (it kind of makes it a bit annoying to use. Although I can get it to save in the end, I'll have to do it 25 times if the masthead carousel has 5 rotating images). There is a JS error too when I access media manager or add an image. Thanks for the tips. What i'm referring to is after scanning, each individual image is placed in its own separate folder with an id as the folder name. Is there any way to keep everything within a single folder after scanning? It is tedious to make changes to images, can't just ftp them in and see the changes reflected immediately on the frontend. Does scan have an overwrite existing files function?
  2. Hi, I'm new to Processwire. I've recently bought and installed Media Manager, and I have a couple of questions. I've added Media Manager field as part of a fieldgroup which is placed in a Repeater field (for users to specify image sets for the masthead). There's a small bug in which closing the media manager Insert media dialog box will remove the new Repeater row that is added. It doesn't happen to regular images field. I've attached a video below for illustration purposes. Also, is there a way to consolidate all the files under 1 directory? Most of the time we upload the files into 1 directory (example: assets/images ) and upload them through FTP and the content editors add in the files from the same directory.
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