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  1. That's great! I'm glad I was able to help
  2. Ok! I was hoping it was a bug! It was driving me crazy I hope it gets adressed soon. Meanwhile, I guess I should avoid them in my current project. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Hi! I have a problem when grouping multiple fields with the FieldSetOpen and close fields. I am attaching some screenshots because I think the issue will be much more clear. The nesting is weird, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or if I am using it wrong. I can't have 2 separate field groups, and when I have one group, all the fields get nested. Even when I have 2 FieldSetOpen/Close groups, one group gets nested onto the other. I'll appreciate any help on the matter!
  4. Mcmorry, i can't wait to try this out!!! Thanks a lot.
  5. Good, my mistake diogo! Thanks for the replies. I think that this approach would be common and thought it can be solved by following the subdomain and suffix technique; there's the belief that the suffix directory is the best for multilingual. I am still deciding this myself but look forward to any suggestions on this subject!
  6. I have beed reading this thread with much excitement as I am to start a site translation this month. It look awesome!! I am yet to test the plugin but was wondering if it's possible to have the following urls: Mysite.com --- default language (Spanish) Mysite.com/en --- for English Mysite.com/pr --- for Portuguese Is this possible? Is this even a good practice? The thing is the site is well ranked and languages are being added just now, so the main URL would not change and would respond to the default language. Thanks to all the people contributing in this plugin!!
  7. I was wondering the same thing! I find it much faster and safer to develop a section with templates and custom fields on my local machine. Once everything works I have to repeat the same steps on the live server... A "sync" solution would be really cool!!
  8. This web host never ceases to surprise me! Time to look for another one I guess...
  9. I can't believe it was that... I have 5.0.51!! I was able to upgrade to a later version and the sorting works fine! I want to thank everyone for helping me out here!
  10. I think Ryan has a point about having the need and the impulse of making PW better and more awesome now that there are more users and collaborators. I think it makes sense to look for ways to make money and keep the project healthy and going. I think books and tutorials are a good way to do it. I love buying books or screencasts to learn to code. It is also profitable on the community level. More people learn, develop, help, etc. I would pay for advance add-ons and plugins. I agree with the caution mentioned in the posts above. I really appreciate that PW has in it's core a lot more features than Expression Engine. I just don't buy the whole EE ecosystem... too price, too obscure (I haven't found a solid non-cryptic tutorial about how to develop for it). Looks like their intentions are very focused on profit... Core features in PW are already excellent. Of course I'd like more of them! The ecosystem part of PW should grow, with developers and designers (maybe a-la-codeigniter reactor??) It would be a shame that because of lack of time and resources, the project would not move forward faster and stronger. The more Ryan and team focus time and efforts on PW, the better for everyone.
  11. I've been trying lots of different things, I think I found something interesting. I tried installing a brand new PW in a subfolder and in a diferent database on the same server my site is in. I did the install on the server (not in my local machine) and found some warnings (see attached screenshot). Then, having a brand new PW installation, I tried to sort the About pages, and to my surprise, the same happens. The sort looks fine, reload and bam, same problem, the sort is not reflected in the admin. So, this could be a server issue? Are those errors any indication? PD: Ryan, I can definitely give you access. Do you need a PW user? FTP access?
  12. Ryan, thanks for testing. I use both Firefox and Chrome latest versions, and both show the same. I didn't understand what you mean with "the order is retained regardless of what I try". The order should change, right? I want to clarify that both the backend and front end show the pages/records in the wrong order (I presume is created-at) in my installation, but the DB shows the right number, which is the manual order. Where you able to re-sort everything correctly?
  13. Well, thanks for the suggestions. I couldn't fix the problem, yet. I've repaired two tables (pages and images) that had overhead. The repair was successful, but no change. I followed this tutorial No change either. This was interesting. The table is getting the right values. I've traced a page via phpmyadmin and It gets the position I'm giving it. Also, the other pages change their positions as well. I went to the admin, but there, the order is still the same stuck order. Looking closer, I think it's stuck in a "created at" order. And that order is also showing in the front-end. I'm stuck I'm trying to trace the problem, but sorting did use to work for a while. It's weird, cause in have 2 other sites with this same host provider. The only mayor difference is that this DB is shared with some tables from Codeigniter, which are prefixed CI. This PW installation is inside a pw folder. And that's it. So I'm out of leads with this.
  14. Ryan, my results where diferent. Actually the numbers are my desired order, and the order showed here is exactly what's shown in the admin. I've tried re-setting the sorting orden with no luck! 3: /pw/promos/promo.../ 4: /pw/promos/promo.../ 5: /pw/promos/promo.../ 6: /pw/promos/promo.../ 7: /pw/promos/promo.../ 8: /pw/promos/promo.../ 9: /pw/promos/promo.../ 10: /pw/promos/promo.../ 11: /pw/promos/promo.../ 0: /pw/promos/renova.../
  15. I've been testing this and found yet another odd thing... The desired order is showed on the front-end though it's not updated in the admin page tree. I guess it's just a problem in my admin panel.
  16. Ryan, thanks for answering. The parent is called "Banners" and has manual sort (that's the screenshot). It has 12 "banner" children/pages which I'm trying to sort. Turning Developer tools shows everything is fine: the console it silent and the network request POST is perfomed and shows: error: false message: "Updated sort for 12 pages"
  17. Hello! I'm having a strange issue in only one of my PW sites with the manual sorting of pages. I can't sort pages manually in the admin anymore! I have a group of pages in the site that have manual sorting in their parent's settings and PW let's me drag drop pages around. Everything stays in place the way I want, and no errors arise, but when I reload the page the sort change are not saved and everything stays in the same same. Maybe I'm missing something here cause I'm stuck!! I had some issues with this server provider (in my last two forum messages) so I am betting this can be the cause. I'm using PW 2.2.0 (should I try an upgrade?) Any clues?
  18. Thanks for all the replies! Sadly many clients use shared hosts, but well, I'm not in charge of them, but now I can advise them based on Ryan's great answer.
  19. Thanks Tepo! setting chmod of /site/assets/sessions/ to 777 allowed me to login again. The permissions where set to 755 both for assets and permissions folder. Now, you said it's a bad idea, right? What should I do next?
  20. Hi all! I have a site with PW running just fine for some time now, but today I can't login. I put my credentials and there's no error, just the login form reloaded. I used other user's logins and the same happens. Where should I start looking to fix this? I have access to the server (obviously) but not total control over it. Maybe there's something in the server that triggered this. I've read some topics about this and there's no sessions log files to erase (as some suggested). My concern is that I haven't updated this site or changed any file via FTP for some time, just regular PW powered backend editing. I'm using PW 2.1, btw. thanks a lot!
  21. Hi all! I'm just trying out the new columns feature for fields, and it looks awesome!!! This really streamlines the editing process, congrats! But I found a problem, don't know if it's a bug I've attached an image, so it's pretty self-explanatory: On the template side I am using two a 50+50% fields and below it a FieldSetTabOpen with other fields in it. Removing the FieldsetTabOpen from the template solves the problem, so I guess there's something funny when ending a fieldset with a float and following it with a Tab. I hope it helps you recreate the issue!!
  22. I'm trying to Remap some URLs without affecting the Processwire tree structure. The correct URL should be http://site/products/categories but, because "products" has 100 children, I have "Categories" outside the "Products" parent. Now I want to remap /site/categories/ to http://site/products/categories Tell me if I'm making any sense
  23. Hi all, I would like to create some short urls and remap others without affecting the PW tree. For instance, I have the following tree structure: Products Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Product 100... [*]Categories [*]Industries I would like to have the following URLs: http://site/products http://site/products/categories >>> goes to /site/categories/ http://site/products/industries >>> goes to /site/industries I've tried the redirects module, but I won't work because /site/categories/ is a valid URL already. I wouldn't want to nest Categories and Industries in the tree because I have 100 products in Products. What can I do? Should I create a proxy? Like here ? Is there a clean/preferred way?
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