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  1. Uniteam

    The site use to send email the function 'wireMail' Thanks!
  2. Uniteam

    Hello all, I have a problem with a contact form to send mail from site. The mails are sent correctly but with the content-type "text / plain". I need the content-type to be set with "text / html". I can not find the setting (I inherited a site already done). In attachment the mail in my client Many thanks!! new 1.txt
  3. Uniteam

    Problem solved. I have update php to 5.4.38 and I have changed permissions to folder htdocs on provider. Many thanks to all!!!!!!
  4. Uniteam

    For special permissions what do you mean?
  5. Uniteam

    Hello, I have the same problem. Here my php.ini settings: http://gabrielepasini.it/info.php Module mod_rewrite is installed. Thanks!
  6. Uniteam

    Hi all, this is the error in apache error log: [Wed Jun 20 09:44:10 2018] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: php-cgi, referer: http://gabrielepasini.it/pw-admin/page/edit/?id=1124
  7. Uniteam

    The settings are activate. No, I will create it this morning
  8. Uniteam

    I have contact my provider for the apache error log...but my php memory limit is 512M
  9. Uniteam

    the image is uploaded correctly because by ftp I can see the file, but after upload processwire try to resize the image maybe for the thumbnail in edit form...
  10. Uniteam

    Exactly...with original php.ini the problem is the same added in site/config.php
  11. Uniteam

    no, always error 500...
  12. Uniteam

    I have activate debug, next step? Many thanks!
  13. Uniteam

    I don't have access to the server error and my config->debug is false. I must ti activate?
  14. Uniteam

    644 x 450 px for 57 KB --> error 320 x 223 px for 23 KB --> upload success
  15. Uniteam

    my php use GD library