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  1. Thank you both @Macrura and @kixe Does the job perfectly. I looked in the 'field types' area of the modules but now I see theres an 'admin helpers'. This project is in fact only admin panel and no frontend so I think I will be looking more in there Cheers!
  2. I've attached an image showing what I mean which might help make it a little clearer. I also realised I should have edited my original post twice, sorry folks
  3. In fact even more ideal would be to have that other page pop up in a modal so the user just just look at a few more field of interest and then close it. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I have (yet another!) a query that I'm wondering I can get some help with. I have a page reference field setup using a page list select input type and have it selecting by a parent page. It all works fine and stores things perfect etc. In the PW admin after I've selected a page to reference I'd really like to be able to have the title text used clickable and link through the page being referenced. Any ideas? I've looked around the modules for options and fields type options and other field types but can't seem to find anything. Tried digging through the code but am getting a little lost. I know its easy enough to sort on the frontend but this is just for the PW admin. Thanks for any help.
  5. Done, 318 Having almost finished my first ProcessWire project I can honestly say its been a pleasure. A site / service built out of the PW admin, custom modules etc (theres no frontend at all) to help manage a manufacturing setup. Has been a great fit and shows how flexible PW is. Even with learning about PW and not being the strongest PHP coder out there I've manage to get things done in a fraction of the time. Heres to PW, glass raised
  6. That works really well, thank you, few little things I noticed if you edit a page and click the little 'tree' icon PW gets stuck in a redirect loop, same if you use the 'Save + Exit' link but on my ListerPro's its fine if I use the modal edit 'type' and those links don't appear.
  7. How am I not finding these things! Bows head in shame
  8. I've got the default page page changed no problem using the above link as a guide, brill. Struggling a bit to hide the 'Pages' tree for a non superuser though (I want users to use some simple ListerPro's I setup where they can edit pages from there etc). From what I can work out the 'ProcessPageList' module the page tree uses needs the permission 'page-edit' to show up. So I tried adding a custom permission and getting the module to use it (whilst not adding that permission to the non superuser role). That works fine until a non superuser goes into a ListerPro and tries to edit a page, I get an error then which I'm guessing is because the ProcessPageList locks off all functionality and the user doesn't have the. I get :- ProcessWire: You do not have permission to execute this module - ProcessPageList Maybe I'm approaching this the wrong way. Essentially I want to be able to give my users nice simple options in the 'top' menu where Pages, Setup, Modules and Access go. These will bring up ListerPro 'views', that all works perfect. Given that I can access the pages I'm after from the ListerPro's closing off the tree for those users seemed a good idea as they essentially see this 'other' view of the same things which may confuse them. Any ideas folks? I do know one thing, having a good grip on the ProcessWire admin has got me thinking of lots of uses for it. This particular setup is for a manufacturing company, there is actually no 'frontend' at all, PW is just a great way to manage the data and doesn't suffer on scale.
  9. Ahhhh, this is the ticket Thank you muchly sir
  10. Hi All, I'm trying to change the default page loaded when using the ProcessWire Admin. Normally it defaults to the 'Pages' tree but I'd like it set to one of my custom menu items (a ListerPro). I've looked around the admin panel for a setting without any joy and also tried changing $config->adminRootPageID (I suspect its readonly?) but that didn't work. Does anybody know how to do it please? Also, if I wanted to hide the Pages tree menu item (top nav) from all non superusers is that possible? I want them still to be able to dig into a page but only from ListerPro's etc. Thanks again all. Learning bit by bit....
  11. I just wanted to follow-up for anybody reading in a similar situation. After spending more time with the admin and understanding things I can say using it as opposed to recreating an admin at the 'frontend' is 100% the way to go, will be saving a ton of time, so glad I got a good steer from you all.
  12. Thank you @Robin S Understand completely. The TemplateStubs module looks interesting, I will be sure to check it out!
  13. Hi All, Wonder if anybody can offer any advice on using PHPStorm and auto completion? I'm in a standard template file and if I type say $page-> and ask for some suggestions via Control-Space I get a 'no suggestions' tooltip. I've just learn't about the functions API which seem to autocomplete just fine. Just can't seem to get the variables based API working. Am I doing something wrong? I see Ryans .phpstorm.meta.php file in /wire/core and am thinking the 2nd section being noted about not working might be causing the problem? I'm still a little new to PHPStorm but the project all seems setup and working fine just not this part. I've attached mini screenshots what I see when trying to auto complete with both the functions API and the variables one. All the examples I come across seem to use the variables API and not the functions one, any big reason not to use it? I'm no PHP expert so I might not be understanding an obvious 'don't use scenario', be gentle lol Cheers All. ** A little addition, whilst the functions API is autocompleting for functions like children() and the template field 'title' If I add a custom field I don't see it in the autocomplete list? I'm not quite sure how PHPStorm can pull in those fields in the right context so I'm thinking my understanding is wrong on how this all works! Seems a shame to use an IDE with such strong code inspection etc for PHP and not be able to use it as much as possible in the template files **
  14. Thank you all once again, amazingly helpful
  15. Thanks again all, I am sold Just setup a dev install so I can start to understand how I can use the PW admin in more detail.
  16. Cheers Guys, Great info! Very helpful indeed
  17. Just found out about markup regions, these look sexy and what I might be what I'm after https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.62-and-more-on-markup-regions/ Any other ways or anything I should know?
  18. Hi All, First post here so wanted to start by saying how much I'm liking ProcessWire. Come from an ExpressionEngine / CraftCMS background I'm building a backend type service website where I have about 10 'admin' pages to view orders, upload orders (as well as a few other entities) extract data etc. We are not talking about millions of records, thousands a month top so I thought I could use the 'page for everything' approach. Initially I was just going to use the PW 'backend' and let the end users onto it i.e. The part you log into by default at /processwire and write some modules but having things like the settings tab on pages and some of the other bits an end user might not understand made me feel my own frontend would be a better idea. I've got things up and running with a custom login that uses the PW authentication system and am building a nav no problem, using selectors for data etc (which by the way are awesome!). So now I've settled in a bit I've come to structure my template files better and have read here.... https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/how-to-structure-your-template-files/ Delayed output looked like the most flexible strategies (and easy enough to implement). However, bear in mind each of the pages are unique in their functions so essentially I have a header / nav etc, then the page specific block and then a footer. The page specific stuff is quite large and a lot of the time HTML with a sprinkle of PW / PHP bits. I didn't want to do this.... $main content="<div><ul>.........." ($main_content gets used in main.inc as per 'structuring' link above) Its gets quite cumbersome with a large block not to mention I lose some nice features in PHPStorm as it just sees it as a string. So what I've been doing is this.... <?php require("./includes/login.inc"); require("./includes/init.inc"); $main_content = $page->render("partials/" . $page->template->name .".inc"); require("./includes/main.inc"); ?> I now need to keep creating the matching .inc files. Is there a way I can use just the one template file file to set $main_content in some cunning way that enables me not to manage the string building? Am I approaching things right? I know I can just include a header, splurg the content and then include a footer but I liked the 'Delayed Output' approach for the flexibility. Sorry if its a silly question everyone, still learning, only a few days in and I'm no PHP demon, no giggling at the back hahaha
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