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  1. Hi @Marc! This indeed looks very interesting approach for building layout on PW site!
  2. Thanks @toni!!! ? With these guidelines I was able to do a solution that create temporary file from the content of my biggest json. That process otherwise take too long time when it was executed in every page load.
  3. Nice to hear that you would be willing to develop cache compatibility for AppApi! Unfortunately, I don’t have the knowledge or skills to help you with the implementation ? Is there anyone in this forum that could help @Sebi with the development?
  4. This is amazing module - big thanks to you @Sebi! I'm using this mostly for communicating with Vue3 frontend and the workflow is very smooth. With my latest project, I just noticed that JSON processing time is starting to be too slow (~3.5sec) because there are so many searches. So I would have asked if you have any plans to further develop compatibility with ProCache or any other caching solutions?
  5. Hi @ryan, this module is very big time saver for me. I'm also a fan of ProFields Combo and i use both of these regularly. My question is that is there any plans to add support for Combo field type? Now i have to do multiple conversions and helper fields for imports if i want to use Combo fields. I have got the impression that it shouldn't be too hard for this field type?
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