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  1. I'm practically beginner and not intuitive with wireprocess... I stuck to the part After installation and configuration about LOGIN/REGISTER/PROFILE
  2. Hi! Sorry for the stupid question, but I can not get the module to work... Once installed, what should I do? I can not find the functions anywhere
  3. Antonio Iorio

    Help me!

    so without earnings?
  4. Antonio Iorio

    Help me!

    I would like to earn a little something with what I place, but I do not know any other method! What do you mean by old axiom?
  5. Antonio Iorio

    Help me!

    Hi Rick, I thank you for the timely reply! In fact, as far as cached, I had thought about it. I'll try. As for the advertising of altervista, in fact I have not explained well... In the management panel, they offer the ability to insert banners and start making money by giving a link like: see attachment what I asked is where should I put them :S
  6. Antonio Iorio

    Help me!

    Hi guys, as I would need your support. I state to be a beginner and I met the application the day before yesterday for the first time. I'm creating a manga reading site using wiremanga and I need to know how I can incorporate altervista advertising. (this is my site if you could serve http://dgtread.altervista.org/) I have also modified some elements of both the .css and php files but despite saving they are not updated.
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