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  1. "The Very First Website Retursn to the Web" http://t.co/tTTxPrcLh4 :-)

  2. stop trying to "innovate" UI - new functionality, yes. Deviations from common sense and good UI practice to be "different", NO THANKS.

  3. have to wonder what good it'll do to complain about #CISPA since the government has already given a very clear (and very embarrassing) reply

  4. (sorry. just letting off some steam here.)

  5. PHP ORM of the hour http://t.co/dkLMKa5W7B - more strings in arrays, yet another Model base-class. *sigh* *shrug*

  6. nice example of responsive layout http://t.co/dS7fFZcxy5

  7. PHP ORM of the week http://t.co/t1ivTZnUWI - this one looks pretty solid though. So that's new :-)

  8. apparently I'm not the only one who likes the idea of passive views http://t.co/aGFiS1D4MA

  9. wouldn't it be neat if @GitHub could automatically tweet when you star something or tag a release?

  10. #PBS Telethon - definitely one of the better sci-fi movies in a while... much more than just effects - but definitely nice effects too :-)

  11. wait, so I go on here at complain about @SoundCloud, and they start following me? must be some kind of auto-following bot script, right?

  12. those "stylized" audio graphs bug me - sorry @SoundCloud - but audio does not look like that.

  13. my modular router for #php is very near 1.0 release - now has proper documentation, a unit-test and sex-appeal! http://t.co/MnS9tJOtGz

  14. OH "The scariest part of #CISPA is how broad and loose it is, like some sort of giant, poorly-built rope bridge. Over a volcano."

  15. legal, medical, industrial, financial and government systems, when privatized are optimized for profit - and set up for corruption...

  16. Mike Rogers making a major ass of himself while commenting on CISPA http://t.co/HZ6kItPNYA

  17. I just realized the Windows 8 PDF reader makes everything look blurry - even vector and type. I thought my eyes were failing.

  18. how can eInk succeed with this inferior display? http://t.co/F4o5jZ2ciE - looks terrible compared to Mirasol http://t.co/UsXxt0OLQC

  19. if you're still fumbling around in a text-editor, @phpStorm is 40% off this week http://t.co/bs4TPmeXI5

  20. a $1,299 Android tablet with a keyboard! http://t.co/rAmXBZCCxu - some analyst is going to get sacked when this flops ;-)

  21. domains "http://t.co/nDIrTKwTYe" and "http://t.co/yvYwhakVpG" expiring May 13 - let me know if you want them for something.

  22. FYI, the member list suffers from the same thing but much worse - shows 3 page links for 46 total pages... EDIT: the "sort order" links on the member list also don't work - they don't toggle between ascending/descending when you click them. Wow, this forum software really is full of bugs...
  23. PS: things are already simple - nothing wrong with making them simpler though, especially when it's no additional work or overhead for those using the module and working with an IDE. For me, personally, having full IDE support for any piece of PHP software has become a sign of high quality - it means everything can be validated automatically, which usually means it has been. You can't expect a person to do the same for 10,000 lines of code on every release. And vice versa, if a computer can't infer the meaning of your code, how can you expect a person to? Whether you have IDE support for the users who use an IDE or not, having IDE support means you have automatic safeguards and checks that cannot be performed by a person.
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