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  1. This is awesome - I've been thinking about doing that for a while. So many great contributions - ProcessWire is destined for greatness!
  2. I'm thinking dual licensing at this point, but we'll see. For the moment, I don't have a working product yet
  3. I must have been a ProcessField instance, you're right.
  4. ObjectLoaderBuilderFactory - really? wow. abstraction can work it's way so far from the real objective that nobody understands what it is.

  5. huge update of ArangoDB released yesterday http://t.co/375moWMmQn

  6. FYI, this is still happening - made good progress on capturing and repeating changes to Templates today. I expect this will take a while though, as this is not quick and simple by any means - this is still a spare time project, and I have very little time at the moment...
  7. Hmm, finished() still isn't being called. In Session::redirect() line 361: if(wire('process') == 'ProcessPageView') wire('process')->finished(); I did a var_dump(wire('process').'') and it looks like when you submit the Field editor form, wire('process') returns the Field instance you're editing - not the ProcessPageView instance. I'm currently using two hooks to work around this issue: $this->addHookBefore('Session::redirect', $this, 'flushChanges'); $this->addHookAfter('ProcessPageView::finished', $this, 'flushChanges');
  8. AMAZED and excited to see how rich the SQL-like query language in #OrientDB is by now - really, check it out: http://t.co/OjmsBErays

  9. Man, my Twitter-feed sounds angry this morning. I apologize. I need to lighten up.

  10. when a software product is done, you reduce the team size, assign people to new products. You don't just MAKE UP random new requirements?!

  11. some interesting notes about the Mosely/Marks paper "Out of the Tar Pit" http://t.co/XGl2PXTpU0 - didn't realize Clojure came out of that...

  12. well, now, this clarifies a few things for me, personally http://t.co/A4EBAc3FLU

  13. the language landscape in a 2D plot http://t.co/hnxNymmzWv interesting

  14. functional XML parser? http://t.co/TwcROR8yUD just throwing another idea out there.

  15. code written in any high-level language is likely going to consist of roughly one third actual code, and two thirds opinions.

  16. this made me think http://t.co/lkS3KmA5vN what if your IDE could display relevant tests visually inline, overlaid, or on the side somehow?

  17. programming languages are for people - when code doesn't work for people, I don't care how well it works for computers, it DOESN'T WORK.

  18. I'm finally catching up with Composer - I now have 4 working packages listed on Packagist :-)http://t.co/exJMS1F3x4

  19. I have had my doubts for a while that PHP will ever do real-time (well) - this mostly confirms what I thought http://t.co/Fxd4wo8Ty9

  20. Does the Controller/Action pattern make sense in PHP? http://t.co/plgQkFg0DY - please comment :-)

  21. installed a package with some 20 dependencies, and finally starting to see the value of Composer :-)

  22. IE10 userbase doubled last month, still trailing IE6 http://t.co/gaF9glozp2

  23. it looks like CISPA is down for the count http://t.co/r5oGjv03Qv good thing the Senate had more sense than the House of reps

  24. this start-up wants to pop quiz me on PHP/MySQL syntax - for a Lead/Senior position. really? anyone else see a problem with this?

  25. I'm learning that too much research leads to products people can't understand - if your goal is popularity, you gotta dumb it down.

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