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  1. Thanks @Zeka, this is very relevant!
  2. Hi Ryan, thank you, that is very helpful. I have learned with other frameworks and CMSs that there are various ways to achieve an objective. Your suggestion makes sense, so I'll go with that. Jerry
  3. I am new to ProcessWire and liking what I see. Could I ask for a bit of guidance. I am building a web archive for my county golf association. We have 90+ clubs. Clubs have players who win championships and/or play for county teams, and the clubs host these events. We have around 12 championships a year with results going back over 100 years. My objective is to be able to select a club, championship or player and see related events / results for each. My data is in csv files and I need to import this [already done the clubs, the import module works great]. My question is re structure and whether, for example, I need to have championship results as a child of the championship main page or whether it would be simpler to create queries to get the data I need. Any guidance much appreciated. Jerry
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