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  1. Thanks. I thought the OP was talking about some self-installer in the site-processvue folder. I didn't realize it required a whole re-install of Processwire.
  2. Is this thread still active? I have developed a couple of Processwire sites, and I use Npm, Stylus, Webpack, and Wamp64 for development. However, I cannot make sense of your Github installation directions. Here is my first stop point: My browser loads my Processwire installation from only two places, my site directory, or the PW admin site. How do you get it to load somewhere else? What "dropdown"? I am relatively new to PW. I like it, but I must be missing something. A lot of the docs are like " How to draw an owl: First draw two circles. Then draw the rest of the owl. Congratulations."
  3. My site runs fine. Just cannot edit or create pages. Finally, I rebooted server. That brought back pages tree for new sessions. Hooray. Back in the saddle.
  4. New to Processwire, though well on my way to getting my site finshed. Today I lost my pages tree. When I choose the Pages tab on the Admin site, there is no tree icon, just a single line saying 'Home 12'. ( My home has 12 children pages.) If I click on the Home link, nothing happens. If I go to the admin Setup tab, there is no dropdown, there is a tree icon, but if I click it I only get a darkened overlay. There is a link for Templates on the Setup page. If I click on it, I can see my templates. But I cannot find a way to get to the pages. Please advise.
  5. OK, I found a workaround. I added a field 'formID' to my ' form_page' template . In the template, I have a single include in the body which looks like this: include ($config->paths->templates.'forms/'. $page->formID .'.php'); All my forms go into the forms directory. To render a form on a page which uses the form_page, all I need to do is set the page's 'formID' field to the form's filename. As long as I don't include any other includes within the form file above. I can live with that. I am enjoying Processwire.
  6. use formbuild\Form; use formbuild\Validator; session_start(); include ($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']. '/formbuild/Form.php'); $form = new Form('test-form', 'horizontal', 'novalidate'); /***********************All forms must have above header *************************************/ If I add this as a header to the file I include in my template [ eg. include ($config->paths->templates.'forms/test-form.php');], it works. If I separate it into a file and add it to test-form.php as an include [eg. include ($config->paths->templates.'forms/_form_header.php'); ], it fails. Screen says an error was logged, but it shows up in no log files. Adding 'namespace ProcessWire' makes no difference.
  7. When I try adding to the top of include file namespace ProcessWire; and moving use formbuild\Form; $form = new Form(init1, 'init2', ...'); back into the file, I get " Unable to complete this request due to an error. - Error has been logged. " But there is no log file I can find with a current entry in it, even doing a global search on the server. ( I am running locally on WAMP. ) Where do I look?
  8. Noob to Processwire. Trying to convert some older sites to Pwire. I am having trouble including a legacy form class into my templates: If I embed the php directly in the template, it works. But if I use include statements, the form object returns null. This works: use formbuild\Form; session_start(); $form = new Form(init1, 'init2', ...'); $form->param1 = ...; $form->param2 = ...; $form->param3 = ...; $form->render(); ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fails: include_once ($config->paths->templates."forms/form1.php"); $form->render(); ____________________________________________________________________ My referencing is OK, no error message. The only code that cannot reside in the include file are the following lines: use formbuild\Form; $form = new Form(init1, 'init2', ...'); My PhP is rusty, maybe that is the problem, but it could be something about Pwire, namespace maybe. I have tested it outside Pwire and no problems. Please advise. Thanks.
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