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  1. Hello everyone. The website I'm currently working on, contains a "news-section", where the user/punlisher is able to write articles. In most cases the publisher is gonna add a image to the article. But when he doesn't, a default wallpaper, should be displayed. Now: My problem is that I'm struggling to get the default img, which is in an image folder under templates. if($article->image) { $image = $article->image->width(1000); } else { $image = templates->images->get('default_wallpaper.png'); /* of course it doesn't work like this, but that's what I want to achieve
  2. Hi @szabesz. Of course! I could have come up with it by myself. One little addition: I had to change the comparison operator from equal (==) to identical (===) because comparing an empty string to the value zero (for unchecked) gave back true. And that is finally the reason why i can set $limit to an empty string but not force...
  3. Hello community, In my code I have a function (see below) that finds the needed articles before they get rendered by another function. And depending on where I want this articles to be shown on the website I want to filter them by the checkbox "force" - all articles with force = unchecked or all articles with force = checked. function findArticles($limit, $force) { $selector = "template=article, sort=-published, limit=$limit, force=$force, " . trim($selector, ", "); $articles = pages($selector); return $articles; } The code above works fine, but now in one case I want to s
  4. Hi all. Some days ago I migrated my website from local (xampp) to online. Everything works fine exept one thing. When i try to fill a field of the type "url" (with an external link) i get an 403 - forbidden message. Writting text in textfields , body etc. works. Now I don't know if the problem comes from processwire or the server itself... Did anybody have the same/similar troubles? Thanks for helping! cheers
  5. Hello all, all my body tags with cteditor create one empty paragraph before and one after the content that I have written. So then it looks like: <p></p> <p>My actual content</p> <p></p> In the field settings I checked the option "removing empty paragraphs" but than doesn't change anything. This Option propably only works for markup you create inside the body field. Thanks for your help. cheers UPDATE: Found the error myself. I tought that i had to give out the body inside a p-tag as its content. But because the body tag itse
  6. I had it like that, but missed a coma after the "sort" argument...but thanks for your help!
  7. thank you @kongondo for the quick answer. $page->published works for me but with that method I can't sort the pages by date.
  8. Hello everyone. I am trying to create a Lister like on the processwire demo page, where under the tab "Pages" you can directly go to "Skyscrapers". On all the tutorials I found on the internet Lister wasn't a core feature and you could create a new Lister on the module itself. Is it now a premium function under ListerPro or am I trying to do it the wrong way? Cheers
  9. Hello Community On my website I have a newsfeed, where I want to display the datetime of when the article was published. I know there is a module called "ProcessWirePublishDate". But is it possible that it only returns the date without the time? How could I fix it. Thanks for helping
  10. Thank you very much @Robin S! I always tried to do it with region() and render()...but this solution is surely better. I will try to implement it this evening or tomorrow.
  11. Hi all, I am new to PW and building up a website for a customer and have some problems with structuring my project: On my main.php file I have a main-tag where I wan't to echo the region called 'content'. But the problem is that the markup inside this wrapper should be variable.Example: I have a page where all the news previews are outputed like in a normal news app--> no additional markup is needed. But on "home" I want to have different sections with content --> <section> <div class="slider"> <!--here i want to have some filtered news articles-->
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