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  1. Hi, this is all working fine for me, nice module! I have one question: is it also possible to display the image of the event? I think i should use "Cover" and "Source" but i'm not that good with php so I don't know in what sentence to use it..
  2. Hi all, I recently started using PW and it looks very, very good, that is if I get it to work properly om my domains. Like many others before me I have the same problem with image upload in the back-end. But I'm at a total loss at this moment. I have tried every solution i could find on the forums to no success. I tried to disable mod_security in the htaccess but as i'm on a shared host I don't think I am able to do that and the Host will probably override those settings. I tried some changes in the php.ini and also tried to get the oldskool upload trough editing the javascript but t
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