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  1. Hi, Not sure if this is the right place but I'll ask anyway. So I'm planning to create a website for a B&B where people can book a room for a certain period. Is this something padloper 2 would be good for? On the examples the module is more into selling products with quantities and less period based.
  2. hi @Sebi Awesome, thanks for the quick feedback and fix. Normally I use a lot of array's myself but I had a specific case where a object was the ideal way to go ?. I'll test it out in the following days! Version 1.1.1 is working good for me, however I'm not doing really special stuff with it at the moment so I'm not sure if my case is the best feedback ?. I'm just opening the api for visitors so I can use it a little like a restApi (doing some fancy ajax stuff) and it's doing exactly what I would expect so great work! If you want me to check some other parts, let me know!
  3. Hi When using the module with version 1.1.1 I have a strange issue with using the "StdClass". I keep getting the error as you can see in the screenshot "Cannot use object of type stdClass as array". In previous projects similar code was working fine, something broken with this? My calls are just regular GET requests. If I don't use the "stdclass" I'm not receiving errors anymore.
  4. @thomasaull changing the api endpoint didn't solve it (I tried a few things already). I solved it by using the virtual host for this project but for the future and others a localhost sollution would be lovely! If I can provide anything more, please tell me!
  5. @flydev I must say you are the savior of the day. The reason was indeed that xampp is putting "localhost" in front of the site url. In my case this was "localhost/sitename" the RestApi module probably didn't understand this sitename url what gave me 404-pages all the time. @thomasaull You mentioned that maybe this could be fixed through the settings of the module. Could you give an example of a path? Maybe it's usefull to add a option to the module or something that notifies the user if it is using localhost or to automatically prefix this with localhost? I don't think I will be the only one that uses the localhost prefix ? Thanks for the help already! Hopefully there is a possibility to handle this in the settings so I don't have to use these virtual hosts. Or maybe look at the processwire config? The processwire handles this localhost prefix perfectly.
  6. The main functions are all going like they should. I tried comparing the php info like you said but those files are huge so hard to compare them and find out what is missing/wrong. Is there a localhost software you recommend that is working? Friends that have mamp pro don't have the issue but using mamp/xampp does give me the 404. It's strange that I don't get errors, only a 404 page. If I can provide you anything please let me know since serverside issue's aren't my best area of working.
  7. Hi I've just installed this module (processwire version 3.0.123) but I can't get anything off a connection. I tried a clean install without any modules activated and have the some problem. Is there anything that has to be installed to be able to get a response? I'm developing on a local environment of xampp and tried it on a mac os environment with mamp aswell. I tested it on a production environment (online hosting) and there it is working. I'm guessing it has something to do with the local servers. Anybody has an idea what should be activated? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi @ryan I've been implementing the module in a project and first of all, it's a really nice module! I have just 1 consideration, you have text for the most basic items (date, link, etc) but the text from the tweet is formatted without an HTML tag for example <p></p>. Maybe it is possible to implement this? Then it would be possible to style the text itself better.
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