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  1. Thank you @kongondo for your quick reply. That sounds nice. I really hope you will be able to release the new version this year. I'm looking forward to hopefully many improvements to that already nice module.
  2. Hi, I recently bought the Mediamanager but I am not able to configure tagging of single media files properly. I followed the instructions on https://mediamanager.kongondo.com/documentation/getting-started/enabling-media-tags/ but no matter what option of tagging I choose ("User enters tags by text input", "User selects from list of predefined tags" or "User selects from list of predefined tags + can input their own") only the first option seems to work (entering text by myself). That is not very comfortable for the user and also kind of error prone. Are the other options just not implemented correctly or am I doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
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