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  1. I am floored by the response here. I get the concept now but it is going to take me sometime to process everything and weigh the options . I will post back the results once I have tried them and also if I have any doubts. Marking the thread as solved. Seriously, you guys are great..
  2. Hi, I am a newbie to programming and I am developing this site for a client of mine(WIP) : http://greenpantry.in/test820fcec/ It is a single page site, where the content is divided into sections. I want to know if it would be feasible to use Processwire to manage the content of the site. From what I have read, processwire's templating system is based on pages. I want to know if the client will be able to edit each section individually from the admin panel, as I feel creating a single long template for the page will be kind of messy. 'our platters' and 'gallery' are the two sections they want to be able to update. Btw PW looks so fresh and this is probably a trivial thing to execute. I just wanted to be sure it was possible before i dive in. If this is possible, any pointers as to where I can start will also be very helpful as I am just now beginning to go through the docs/videos. Thank you!
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