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  1. Just as an update to this topic, I tried out the jQuery load change and unfortunately it didn't work. However, some of the other ideas I had led to results in working with back-end code, and the test page is working OK now. I still need to run some more tests but thought I'd update the thread while I remember it.
  2. Ah, so it seems like it may be almost like a race condition with jQuery loading. That's interesting. I'll add that suggestion to my next batch of things to try here, thanks for your input. ? I've given some thought to this kind of thing, and other changes I'd like to make, and I have to say we've come a long way with recent changes already, but I know what you mean there.
  3. Hi all, I have some Hanna Code output for PHP Social Stream which is giving different results when the same code is output in two different fields. Here are the two examples for comparison (Removed as things are working now) You can see that the page at the second link appears without proper CSS styles, which seems related to the jQuery issue. (Please note that the social feed output itself is not yet fully configured, so the feed in the footer will let you scroll forever, etc.) The Hanna Code is the same for both, i.e. there is only one test in the Hanna Code PHP right now, to check if the full class for the vendor code has already been include-ed. Tests are run without caching, and both fields have the same CKEditor filtering, other options, and the same general output logic. Tracy Debugger is active and there are no PHP errors in the logs. But only one of these fields is giving the correct result. I did test in other fields (Body for example), and everything works fine there as well. I thought I'd ask the community for input and would be grateful for any suggestions, thanks for your time.
  4. Oh funny, thanks. That's a pretty clever way to manage the configuration. So in case anyone else is wondering, it seems you can either add a namespace to your template files or just set $config->templateCompile to false in config.php. I do wonder what the implications are for either choice, or how future-proof it is to set this to false instead of adding the namespace.
  5. Hi all, Am I correct in remembering that adding a namespace statement to the top of every template file will prevent the file compilation process from needing to run during a 2.x to 3.x upgrade? I had attempted this same upgrade previously on a site with many pages, but the upgrade seemed to fail. However, afterwards I realized it may have been the delay in compiling files rather than a failure of the upgrade. So I'd like to avoid the compilation process if possible. Thank you for any tips! --Marc
  6. Hi everyone, I'm having an issue where a selector doesn't seem to be working properly with page->closest. Here is the code: // Look for the closest page with any social URLs filled in $page_with_socials = $page->closest("extra_url_1|url_5|extra_url_2|extra_url_3|extra_url_4!=''"); if ( $page_with_socials->id ) { // We found a page with social fields containing some URL content $social_config = $page_with_socials; } else { // Fallback: Use home page social URLs // This is used every time extra_url_1 is empty, even if the other URL fields are filled out $social_config = $homepage; } Instead of checking the various fields, the selector is treated like it only says this: $page_with_socials = $page->closest("extra_url_1!=''"); In other words, it's like the other fields aren't even checked for content. If url_5 is filled in, or not, it doesn't matter. The else-fallback is always used as long as the other field, extra_url_1, is empty. So I'm wondering--do I need to change the way I'm using the pipes in my selector or something? Thanks for any tips.
  7. diogo, these are great ideas. Thank you. I really like the pipe-separated version and it would seem to fit great, so I'll give that a go. Thanks again.
  8. Hi everyone, I set up a simple Hanna Code button snippet for a project, like this: [[special_button url='example.com' label='Visit Example.com']] The client is using it actively and have asked for a side-by-side version, where two buttons will be next to one another. In this case, they are requesting this because the URL varies depending on where the website user lives--County A or County B. Any thoughts about how to implement this? Which HTML structure would you prefer for the columns, keeping in mind this is user-editable content? Would you alter the Hanna Code at all? I'm not used to using Hanna Code and layout options together, in a textarea like the Body field, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  9. Was there a field or Profield that could help site editors design pages? I thought I saw something like this a few years ago: Editors can choose from specified types of page layout elements while editing the page (For example--gallery, 1-column text, 3-column text, news items, etc.) Rearrange these elements Duplicate the elements Is there something like this? Thanks in advance.
  10. Terrific. Thanks Robin, both of those seem like excellent options.
  11. I have a bunch of events in the back end of a site which are sorted by date, and wondered if it's also possible to sort them by title within the date selection, for example using a "sort=date,sort=title" selector. In this way, an event called "A Day for Children" would show up before "Zero Hour" if they're on the same day. I tried to make this change in the parent template's Family tab, under "Sort settings for children," however I don't see a way to use multiple sorting criteria. Is this possible somehow? The site is currently running 2.8.62. Thanks!
  12. Hi everybody, I am updating a PW site that has been migrated away from another vendor. The old URLs had a prefix-segment like /page/ in front of blog posts. Here is the rule I created in PW's .htaccess: RewriteRule ^page/blog/(.*)$ blog/$1 [R=301,QSA] Within the .htaccess, this is placed before another, working, rule, and below the directives to enable mod_rewrite. Can anyone see a reason why this would not be doing anything? If I go to example.com/page/blog/blah I still get a 404 page instead of being redirected to example.com/blog/blah. Thanks!
  13. Hi Sergio, yes, it is on the same server. Do you know of any code examples for doing this? I've used the API for mostly basic things, so if there's a skeleton example available that'd be helpful. I'm excited to hear it's possible.
  14. I am in the process of upgrading an older PW website, say www.example.com. At new.example.com I have an upgraded version, but now the client needs to make content changes on the old site, like 15-20 pages added per day. How can I most easily move these pages over from the old site to new.example.com, when other people are already making new pages at new.example.com? Thanks!
  15. I created the following CKEditor plugin to insert some Hanna Code, and it just does not want to show up on the editor toolbar, despite being activated in the field settings along with PWImage, etc. /site/modules/InputFieldCKEditor/plugins/loopvideo/plugin.js: CKEDITOR.plugins.add( 'loopvideo', { icons: 'loopvideo', init: function( editor ) { editor.addCommand( 'insertLoopvideo', { exec: function( editor ) { editor.insertText( '[[loopvideo id="pvLa9DPgJVc" loop="1" volume="100"]]' ); } }); editor.ui.addButton( 'Loop Video', { label: 'Insert Looping Video', command: 'insertLoopvideo', toolbar: 'tools' }); } }); Screenshots of the input configuration for the field "body": Input configuration screenshot 1 Input configuration screenshot 2 I've also verified that I have icons in place for this plugin under loopvideo/icons/ Any ideas of what to check next? Or a way to troubleshoot this? I don't get any JS errors on the page where the Body field's CKEditor is running. Thanks!
  16. I changed the parameters for an image->size() operation on a site I'm running, and due to a loose pulley somewhere in the server, I now have a bunch of broken image icons in the website, where the thumbnail images should be. What's the best way to reset these--to start the resizing & caching operation again? I tried deleting one of the images from its folder in /site/assets/ but that didn't seem to do anything. I also tried resetting ProCache by saving a page. No change. I thought about changing the dimensions by one pixel but that seems kind of lame. Thanks!
  17. Thanks Diogo, I didn't know that was there. So I've enabled /es/. Should I now change my browser language and test to see if I am redirected?
  18. I'm testing ProcessWIre's localization features, trying out fields like TextAreaLanguage and PageTitleLanguage. I've got them installed, assigned, and filled out. Now, how do I, for example, make Spanish-language fields show up on the public site for Spanish-language visitors? It feels like a bit of a dumb question, but I swear I looked at the docs! I thought it might be automatic detection based on a header string or something, but that hasn't worked for me. I don't know exactly what details to look for as this is my first time through. Thanks!
  19. There was a lot of focus on enterprise that crept into revo, so I like the sound of the added simplicity with 3.0. When I picked up a ModX evo site because of a new client, I remember being pretty impressed. I felt a sort of bond between myself and the Ukrainian guy who had apparently coded it; we both seemed annoyed by inefficiency. I still wonder if evo made him feel the same way it made me feel, kind of sad but hoping there would still be some nifty changes down the road for ModX. Just the other day while on a hike I was thinking about making some kind of "Bob's Guides"-type site for ProcessWire, because man, that site really helped a few times when I was working with ModX.
  20. Ah ha ha. Thanks Horst, that makes complete sense. I should clarify that I'm only asking about this because a client was "trying the search tool" and was curious about how it's working. I will explain stop words if it comes up again. And if we really, really need "about" removed, now I know how to! Thanks again.
  21. Thanks, Tom. I tried the same search on a site I built some time ago: http://www.stevezuieback.com/search/?q=About Different server, same results. Kind of weird.
  22. Thanks Tom--yeah, I changed the title to "Abouttesting Us" and a search for "abouttesting" worked great. As soon as I changed it back to "About Us", no more results for "about". The page is visible on the site and is not hidden or unpublished.
  23. Using the default search.inc file, I'm unable to get a result for "About" in a site that has a page called "About Us". Other pages seem to show up just fine via title search. Any ideas? Thanks!
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