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  1. Make sure you check nginx/apache and PHP logs as well. If memory serves me correctly, I had a similar issue do to something was blocking because of XSS. There was a server change I had to make, so keep a close eye on those logs and the developer tools on your browser.
  2. I can confirm that 1.1.4 fixed the issue we were having. Thank you for getting back so quickly. 🙂
  3. dadish, First, thank you for this wonderful module, it's been awesome working with GraphQL. The problem: I have a field where the type is "Page Reference" and the input field type is "Page Auto Complete". In the details tab, the "Multiple pages PageArray" is selected. If I only have one page reference, then it will return the result as expected using the "list". However, if I have multiple page references, then it will not display any results at all. Can you let me know if there is something I am doing wrong or is this is a bug/feature that needs to be worked? All the best!
  4. Hello! I am trying to get multiple comment submission forms onto the same page using the standard renderForm(). <?php // Begin the project loop $projects = $pages->find("template=project-page, sort=-modified"); foreach ($projects as $project) { ?> // A WHOLE bunch of code, but basically has this as well: <?php echo $project->comments->renderForm(); ?> <?php // End the project loop } ?> The problem is that the first page that the array returns is always the one that gets the updated comment no matter what you actually comment on. I have tried to copy+paste the HTML code specifically for each of the comment forms on each of the items, but that has not worked either. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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