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  1. Payment is made on delivery of photos our courier to the address listed on the form. Can you help me do that? I am not a programmer and he can not overpower.
  2. Who can tell me how to make a module for printing online. The task is simple. We need to do all three points for photo printing. Everything should be no user registration on the site. 1. The client downloads the pictures to the site through the standart uploading tool and select the size (9x12 10x15 and so on), and the paper: matte or glossy. 2. Displayed price to the selected photo. 3. Customer enters their contact information as a form of feedback. 4. Сome to my mail photos and shipping address ready photos. If such a module will cost money, the interest cost of the work. If it is written in the wrong topic, I apologize. There is an example of such a site, but it is in Russian. But I think everything is clear. http://fotozakaz.kz/
  3. Interested module boards for the removal of rooms for tourists. How difficult it is in arranging and the cost? I am not a programmer myself I can not do such a thing. Like: http://slando.ua/nedvizhimost/arenda-komnat/ - Ukranian site.
  4. How to make a different form of the entrance to the adminpanel? We need to create a new template?
  5. On a standardtemplate, everything works fine.Tell mehow can Itranslatethese words in "Topnav.inc" if($showItem) { $class = strpos($page->path, $p->path) === 0 ? " class='selected'" : ''; $title = strip_tags((string)$p->get('title|name')); $title = __($title, dirname(__FILE__) . '/default.php'); echo "\n\t\t\t\t<li><a href='{$p->url}'$class>$title</a>"; if(count($p->children()) > 0 && $p->id != 3){ echo "<ul>"; echo "<span class='arrow'></span>"; foreach($p->children as $child){ if($child->viewable()) { $class = strpos($page->path, $child->path) === 0 ? " class='selected'" : ''; $child_title = strip_tags((string)$child->get('title|name')); $child_title = __($child_title, dirname(__FILE__) . '/default.php'); echo "\n\t\t\t\t<li><a href='{$child->url}'$class>$child_title</a></li>"; } } echo "</ul>"; } echo "</li>"; into my language. With other matters handled. How to translate $child variable?
  6. You do not understand me a little, I did not put no standard templatefor the administrator. Originally the original template, my native language (Russian) worked after installing the template extinct, not allof the administration panel. How do I fix this? Localizationdownloaded on this forum. And it worked. After installing the theme Futura Remixed not all translated. Sorry for bad English
  7. Tell me as a person not versed in programming to do it. You canfurther instructions? Where do I register textdomain?
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