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  1. I have done that, and it does not work. I have the .htaccess in the /pw folder. I think maybe the file has to be in the root of the server, and not in the root of the PW installation. I think I am going to move the installation to the root
  2. I am creating a site with Processwire in the subfolder /pw. If I want to access the website at http://mydomain.com/ insted of at http://mydomain.com/pw/ withoud moving the instalation to the root folder, ¿what should I do? ¿Is it possible? I want to have my FTP folders organized Thanks!
  3. I have done it! The error is that I was naming the property images, instead of the name of the image field itself, ie. poster_image. So now I have something like: foreach ($events as $event) { echo "<img src='$event->poster_image->url()'>"; } I don't need the first() method because I have limited the field to only 1 image. @Robin S, I was repling when you replied
  4. Thank you very much, but it doesn't work for me. It works for the $page variable (the homepage), but it doesn't work in the single $event of my loop (that is a foreach). What can I been doing wrong? By the way, it seems that images of $page is a property and not a method.
  5. I have been trying everthing about images. I have read the documentation about the field itself, some threads, a tutorial, and the cheatsheet. I am creating an events portal, and I have a template called Event, with an Image field for the poster of the event. In the homepage I am listing the events, and I am able to output the Tiitle and the Date (with is another field), but I am not able to output the poster. How can I do this? I am missing something? If you need any other information, just tell me. Thanks in advance!
  6. By now I think I'm going to the module approach. Thank you very much! Edit: Works great! And it's so easy ?
  7. Hi! I am building a website and it would be great to have a way to update the value of a field when other is changed. Let's explain with an example: I have a template for Books. I have a template for Authors. In the Books template I have a field called Author, with the type page, and restricted to the template books. When I insert a Book, I simply fill the Author in the field. Imagine that now I have a lot of Authors and Books inserted, and I want to link them. The easiest way is to go to the Authors and fill in the Books, so I have to edit less pages. Is there any way to to it? I have though on adding a new field on Authors called Books, so when I fill it, the author field gets updated in the Authors automátically. Is this possible? Thanks!
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