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  1. I am developing an application for my small store in London. I am not really experinced in any kind of devlopment, so I am kind of looking for help. I need a simple application to sell my products, where the clients will be able to make orders, pay them and track their deliveries. I am considering the following developers [moderator removed links] Can anyone help? Do you know anything about them? Have you any experince of developent for online store ? Edit: Moderator note: @Robin_Winship, I am treating your post with suspicion (spam). I can't see any connection with ProcessWire. I have removed your links which I suspect are thinly veiled advertising. Secondly, if you need help with ProcessWire developers there is a Jobs Board for that. For any other general questions please use the General Support or Getting Started forums.
  2. Thank you very much. Your tutorial was helpful. Couldn't get it eright for ages!
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