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  1. Darn. I am having this issue. Trying everything. My server environment is, according to the sys admin: Turning off the cache control headers didn't work. Would this server environment be screwing up the login? ***UPDATE*** I could not log in because the session.referer_check in php.ini was set to the wrong domain.
  2. @ryan Where is the dev branch version these days? The link above no longer works.
  3. Couple questions: "Session Handler Database module" is this one: http://processwire.com/docs/security/sessions/ yeah? I have the problem listed here. I cannot login to admin section. How can I install a module without using admin interface? ***UPDATE*** I could not log in because the session.referer_check in php.ini was set to the wrong domain.
  4. I am having the same issue and I look in the modules table and do not see a SessionHandlerDB or a ProcessSessionDB. **UPDATE** Ok, rereading this thread I see that I do not have that module installed that's why I don't see them listed in the modules table. ***UPDATE AGAIN*** I could not log in because the session.referer_check in php.ini was set to the wrong domain.
  5. IF this is the best practice, can we remove this tutorial which suggests how easy it is to copy a ProcessWire installation?
  6. Update: for the example above to work, I discovered I needed to have the Page Fields' Dereference in API (under the fields Details tab) set to "Single page (Page) or empty page (NullPage) when none selected"
  7. @Soma and @Ivan Gretsky you're right, the function was not necessary. @Ivan Gretsky I do have a partnerID that is not page field but it is a numeric id. I will change to Page Field type. Anywho, I am in business again, and moving forward until I get stuck again! Thank you for your help!
  8. Many thanks to you and @adrian for answering this question and so quickly! This did indeed eliminate the error. If I may trouble the community once more for hint, I've still got the problem of trying to get the title of a page; I have found it's id but I lack the knowledge on how to grab the title. This function does not return the title of the page as I think it should (it returns nothing that I can see on the page): <?php function findPartnerTitle($partnerID){ $pageID = wire('pages')->find("template=partner-add-edit,partnerID=$partnerID"); return wire('pages')->find("id=$pageID")->title; } ?>
  9. Building my first PW site, So this code is in my template page: <?php // LIST PARTICIPANTS CHILDREN OF THIS PAGE $overviewchildren = ''; function findPartnerTitle($partnerID){ $partnerTitle = ''; $partnerTitle = $pages->find("parent=1004,partnerID=$partnerID")->title; return $partnerTitle; } foreach($page->children("id!=$page") as $participant){ $partnerID = $participant->partnerID; $overviewchildren .= '<div class="row">' . '<div class="col-sm-2">' . '</div>' . '<div class="col-sm-10">' . '<strong><a href="' . $participant->url . '">' . $participant->p_first_name . ' '; if($participant->p_middle_name) { $overviewchildren .= $participant->p_middle_name . ' '; } $overviewchildren .= $participant->p_last_name . '</a></strong><br />' . $participant->p_job_title . '<br />' . $participant->p_department . '<br />' . findPartnerTitle($partnerID) . '<br />' . '</div>' . '</div>'; } ?> I do not understand why $pages is "undefined": The larger problem I'm trying to solve is to get the title of Academic Partner (id=1004) The previous site was a relational database so I did $participant->partnerID equals the partnerID field under the "Academic Partners" page (1004) ... maybe there's an easier way to find the title of that page? ... or easier way to associate Academic Partner title with the participant?
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