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  1. This is great, reminds me of Matrix for EE or fields in FileMaker. One step closer to managing image galleries or any multi-part forms Can't wait to see this matured. Thanks Ryan.
  2. Hi Ryan, Ah the illusive free time. Fair enough I will snoop the forums for snips and ideas; I am sure you have plenty to do. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for all this. Still collecting bookmarks and trying to process it all. After I get the concepts down it will be little easier to narrow down my search. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks slkwrm for hanging with me. I am ok with simplicity of cats too but most of my 'blogging' users will be more familiar with true hierarchy of categories rather than pages. Even the concept of 'go to page called 'blog-categories' to edit categories' is a little different. This could be the case but not sure where to start. What would that page need to output? Some text string or array or straight up html form with checkboxes? Not much of a php guy, most of experience comes from ExpressionEngine and 'tag' based world. Is 'skyscraper site profile' used in demo somewhere where it can be downloaded? Would love to see examples how some other concepts are done such as template breakdowns an includes, breadcrumbs, master-detail pages, pagination, logged in/out conditions, search composed of cats and custom fields etc. etc. So much to learn Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the answer Slkrm, that is pretty sweet feature to know. I still have some newbie questions: - So is the approach above the way to go about making categories correct though? - Is there no way to use checkboxes for categories (with subcats) like in WP? PageListSelectMultuple is memorizing first time around but the tree expanding can get slow. Thank you.
  6. Hello everyone, Brand new to PW and after few hrs loving the potential and control but hating my state of ignorance I understand that page hierarchy is one way to organize (categorize) content so I am trying to build Categories for use in a Blog type of content. So far, I have made a page called "Categories" with simple just "title" field and created children records (subcategories). In my 'blog' I created a field called "categories" and used it to pull records from the page above. However, any input field type I choose does not pull children records and only parents are shown.(i.e camping and photography) The only field type that is capable is "PageListSelectMultuple*" but unfortunately there is no way to prevent duplicated categories/pages to be selected. Checkboxes would be my preference but not sure how to go about it all or what am I missing in the setup. Thank you for your time. O.T. but where would I find 'skyscraper site profile' to download?
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