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  1. thank you @bernhard, thank you @Sephiroth. Now I know it is worth to learn the basics and more. I look forward to get my handys dirty in "hello worlds". @Sephiroth, I am interested in your PW video content for my education. Now am busy reading the resources for beginners. Enough for me right now 👍
  2. thank you Sepiroth! Seems I got to hone my PW skills
  3. Hello, I am interested in using PW for a business logic. The business consists of renting out items, unique items. A customer should be able choose the item and book the item online. He should be able to let his name and all his details. He should be able to pay the rent for the item on a monthly basis. He should have the possibillity to choose from different payment methods like Credit Card and other. If he pay more then one month in advance he will get a discount. The system should be able to generate and send a bill. From the backend side, I should be able to see what items are rented til when and what items ar free to rent. Is this something I could solve with PW? I guess I need the FormBuilder. I am happy to pay for it. Can I solve this with PW, the FormBuilder and some payment services? Or do I need some serious programming? Many thanks! James
  4. james


    Thank you Ivan, thank you Andreas! I will try your hints. James
  5. james


    Hey all dear PW community, I am rather new to PW. My first project is to bring a static site with a lot of text to PW. What I need is a functionality like this one http://jedfoster.com/Readmore.js/. Is such a function already implemented in PW? Please give me advise how to achieve that. Thank you much! James
  6. I installed pw at another hosting cyon.ch. It worked like a charm! Finally I can have my hands on. Thanks for your help!
  7. as soon as the pw .htaccess is in place, I get the "internal server error". I will ask the hoster for help how to get this running. And post back. Thanks
  8. I ask the support of the hosting company. And post the result. Maybe somebody else is using hoststar.ch with pw. Thank you for your help. james
  9. yes, this I tried before I asked here.
  10. Thanks Mike for your fast help. Good hint! I tried with no success ticking the PHP 5.5 / 5.6. It does not change anything. A .htaccess file with just this: Action php /cgi-php55/php AddHandler php55 .php show up as: "PHP version 5.5.19" with the install.php Any idea what to try next? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, I am new to pw and like to try it on a shared hosting. The server has no domain pointing to but is reachable http://web92.login-48.hoststar.ch Installation is done and the install.php says: ProcessWire requires PHP version 5.3.8 or newer. You are running PHP 5.2.17: http://web92.login-48.hoststar.ch/install.php The support of the hosting company proposed to ad this Action php /cgi-php55/php AddHandler php55 .php to the top of my .htaccess file. I tried all the hints in .htaccess against the 500 errors. None worked. I alwys get "Internal Server Error" as soon as I have the .access file in place. You may check http://web92.login-48.hoststar.ch/phpinfo.php As I know my hoster is a reseller of Hetzner Germany. Is there a way to to use this server for my first steps? Your help is verry appreciated! james
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