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  1. Thank you all for your help and ideas. I solved my issue with creating some magic with dynamic options, hiding fields depending on their parent and using some kind of namespace for the fields to match them to the categories. While developing this I learned a lot about the fields API and remembered how awesome processwire is 😄
  2. That's the tricky part. Each category should have his own selection. I already thought about page fields but then they will repeat everywhere. For example T-Shirts have got "sizes (S, L, M, etc.)" and Batteries will also have the sizes field. Just an example.
  3. Hey there! I've got a shop with product-categories and the template "product-category". The childs are articles "product-page". As soon as I'm creating a new product, it will copy the defined dynamic fields from the parent and add them to itself. Each product-category can have different dynamic fields (within a repeater maybe): - Simple textfield - Number input - Page references - Options select My problem at the moment is that I would like to predefine "sizes" or "color" in each product-category. For example an options field. But they have to be different in each category and should be fetched by their children. Would it be easily doable with the "pro fields" module? Best regards
  4. The user is abled to create his own profile and then he can post his last sessions via UI. Every user got his own subpage in the PW backend and there he can store his sessions without using the PW backend in his browser. The spots and tricks are dynamic generated out of the spot and trick list with an auto-completer. If the user is entering an unknown spot, I'll get a mail with it and can put it to the map. The user is also abled to declare his blog as a private blog, just for members or visible to everyone. Thank you for your comments! I'm planning a relaunch of the website (make it wider and full responsive) and I'm happy about your feedback, so I can transfer it to the relaunch. Best regards!
  5. Moin Moin, hello and terre! The focus of this website is the large amount of high quality kitesurfing videos and tricks. I choosed that niche because I'm a kiteboarder and there was no site which was focussed on kitesurf media. So... here it is: http://www.steeze-kiteboarding.de/ This was my first website with PW and I think i fell in love I wrote some modules for my own... for example to display the images with a "watersign" directly through the input of the vimeo/youtube URL and convert these URLs for my iframes. Have fun! Feedback, haters and fans are welcome! Best regards!
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