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  1. Hello, I'm using the multiple images in image field for the gallery setup. There problem is that I can't find how to remove already uploaded images in the image field. There is no remove icon or menu function. Or I just can't find it. How to remove the images? My image field with uploaded images in admin looks like this:
  2. Hi, justb3a. I did as you instructed, but I get zero output of var_dump when I submit the form. It goes like this: 1. I fill the form 2. When I submit it I get the error message: 3. When I resubmit the form I am redirected to home page: 4. As modules documentation says it means that it was marked as spam, so I open simplecontactform-spam-log.txt for the error information"
  3. I hid 2 fields with css. The install instructions told to.. I think. Everything else is unchanged.
  4. Hello, I installed this module. I have a problem when submitting the form, I get the error message to verify data. What could be the problem? Example:
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