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  1. I missed the second post. Now I have the new version installed and everything works great. Thanks again for the quick response.
  2. Hi @adrian - thank you for your quick reply. I have changed the line and now everything works as expected. I'm very excited!
  3. I have a problem with the " Extension-Field". I can not save a single "0" as extension. When i enter a single 0 and save the page the field is empty. Any other number works as expected even when i enter "00" but a single "0" is not saved. Here in germany many phonenumbers use a single "0" as extension: Example: Phone: +49 (421) 123456 - 0 Fax: +49 (421) 123456 - 1
  4. Great module - I love it! But I had difficulties at the beginning display to the images. When I looked into the source code, i noticed that you are looking at line 69 in the folder /site/templates for the preview images and not as stated in the description in the module folder /site/modules/TemplatePreviewImages. I changed the code line in 69 $src = $this->config->urls->templates . $this->className . '/' . $tpl->name . '.png'; to $src = $this->config->urls->templates . 'img/preview/' . $tpl->name . '.png'; and now i can store the images in the folder templates/img/preview.
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