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  1. Would be nice to have the possibility to add the (new) attribute `loading` to images and/or iframes. <img loading="lazy" src="..." alt="" /> Just adding this attribut with the value "lazy" saves megas on pages with lots of images, esp. on smartphones (where images are often displayed in 1 column), - without any lazy-loader Js-lib! Browser-Support: https://caniuse.com/#search=loading
  2. Thanx for your module - MarkupSitemap, v. 0.4.1. Works perfect (PW 3.0.123)! What about adding 'x-default', a reserved hreflang attribute, when no languages match? recommended by Google & Yandex. "Use the x-default tag for unmatched languages. The reserved value hreflang="x-default" is used when no other language/region matches the user's browser setting. This value is optional, but recommended, as a way for you to control the page when no languages match.", google.com/webmasters/answer/189077#sitemap | webmasters.googleblog.com/.../x-default-hreflang-for-international-pages.html <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang="x-default" href="...URI-to-default-language..." /> Something like this:
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