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  1. Hi @adrian What can I do for the moment, that it works again with only the id? Are you planning to release an update soon? In terms of the shortlink tab I think it doesn't really serves for a purpose. Greetings Orkun
  2. Nevermind. It had to do with the field 'flagLangInherit'. I had set access only for superuser for this specific field to see and had forgot it to switch it back when the site was live...
  3. Hi @LostKobrakai & @BitPoet I have the feeling, that the hook to LanguagesPageFieldValue::getStringValue only activate, when you are logged in as Superuser somehow. Does anybody of you perhaps know why? Please it's very important.
  4. Hi @BitPoet Somehow the Hook only works, when you are logged in? Do you perhaps know why? Greetings Nukro
  5. Hi @adrian I have some Problem with the shortLinks. Your Module creates a Tab 'ShortLinks' for all pages with 3 links. The first one with only the id and the second one doesn't work anymore for me after I had installed an activated Multisite. But somehow the third one works. It looks like when the Link is starting with a id it redirects always to a blank page but all the other example links are working somehow. Greetings Orkun
  6. Ok, I think I will try this out tomorrow... The only problem I have is, that I need to do this for 9 Fields in 5 Languages and for 16 broken url varieties per field: 5 x 16 = 80 - SQL Queries per Field in 5 languages 80 x 9 = 720 - SQL Queries in Total for 9 Fields Why always me? Anyway I'm very thankfull to you @adrian for your help you provided ! PS: If you have suggestions to make multiple REPLACES in one query I would like to know it Greetings Nukro
  7. You mean like that? UPDATE field_body SET data1010 = REPLACE(data1010, '/brokenurl-name/','/newurl-name/'); // Default Language UPDATE field_body SET data1234 = REPLACE(data1234, '/brokenurl-name/','/newurl-name/'); // second Language UPDATE field_body SET data2345 = REPLACE(data2345, '/brokenurl-name/','/newurl-name/'); // third Language UPDATE field_body SET data3456 = REPLACE(data3456, '/brokenurl-name/','/newurl-name/'); //fourth Language ... Do I also need to set the ID for the default language?
  8. Nothing is wrong with your SQL, I don't wanted to be disrespectfull, sry for that. I am just stressed about the situation that I need to do this. I am using the regex, because I only want to match url-part inside an Link. Thanks for your Help @adrian
  9. No manually doing it would take to long. At the moment I am doing a preg_replace with your module like this: /\/example\.com\// -> detects '/example.com/' replace: '/example.ch/' I have like 15 branches with up to 20-50 pages per branch.. I am using repeater a lot on the pages. damn.
  10. But this would perhaps replace all data of all pages that has this field am I right?
  11. Is it possible that it doesn't work when the textarea fields are inside an repeater or are multilanguage fields?
  12. I had tried both and somehow it hasn't worked?
  13. I have now tried the field and replace feature. This isn't working somehow or I am doing it wrong. Lets say I have this url inside an textarea: <a href="https://test.ch/example.com/test1/test11/">test</a> and want to replace it like this: <a href="https://test.ch/example.ch/test1/test11/">test</a> Do I need to add this inside the search: example.com or /example.com/ ? Do I need to add this inside the replace: example.ch or /example.ch/ ?
  14. @adrian I tried to install your module on my dev. I get this error after install: on line 723: Do you perhaps know what cause this?
  15. Hi @adrian I have looked inside the 'page_path_history' table and it looks like, that the changed pages are there (the old url as entry). Looks like this 'link abstraction feature' of textareas is only available in 3.x Version of PW. So my last option is probably your AdminActions Module with the 'Field Set Or Search And Replace' option you mentioned. I will dump the database and try you module on localhost. Thanks for your help @adrian.
  16. Hi Guys I had some Branches with some childrens and grandchildrens. I had to change the Page Name of the 'RootParents' to a more unique name because of the Multisite Modul I am using. So I have renamed the pagename. But now I have discovered some broken links inside the Textareas(WYSIWYG). I tought the Page Path History Core Module would take care of all the links inside WYSIWYG Editors/Textareas but it looks like it hasn't. What should I do now? Do I need to manually change all the Links inside the WYSIWYG/Textares?? This is very urgent. Greetings Nukro
  17. Hi @LostKobrakai Do I need to make another Hook for this or alter the existing one? How would I make this? Greetings Nukro
  18. Thanks @adrian! I will test the new version when we have finished the going live process of the website we are building. I had solved this problem last friday for the moment like this: I activated urlSegments for the domain_root Template with this regex: regex:^[1-999999] Code at the beginning of the domain_root Templatefile: if($input->urlSegment1){ $id = $sanitizer->selectorValue($input->urlSegment1); $ziel = $pages->get("id=$id"); if($ziel->id){ if($ziel->is("template=news")){ if($ziel->parent->id == 34044){ $url = $overviews["news"].$ziel->name; }elseif($ziel->parent->id == 41821){ $url = $overviews["media"].$ziel->name; } } $idMapping = array( "doctors" => $overviews["doctors"].$ziel->name, "specialties" => $overviews["specialties"].$ziel->name, "jobs" => $overviews["jobs"].$ziel->name, "signup-form-formbuilder" => $overviews["events"].$ziel->name, "baby" => $overview["baby"].$ziel->name, "news" => $url, ); $session->redirect($idMapping[$ziel->template->name]); } } At the moment this quite works good for my needs.
  19. Hi @adrian I have an question about urlSegments and your Module. Let's say I have a url like this: http://example.com/de/clinicroot.com/our-doctors/franz-muster/ I can access this site/url (http://example.com/de/clinicroot.com/our-doctors/) with the ID thanks to your module: for example like this: http://example.com/de/3412/ -> would redirect to -> http://example.com/de/clinicroot.com/our-doctors/ But how can I make it happen, that it would redirect to the url with the urlSegment? Is this somehow possible with your module? Or do I need to do some htaccess magic or something? PS: At the moment my template code looks after the urlSegment, takes it and search it after the pagename(since franz-muster is the name of the page) in the db. Greetings Nukro
  20. Thanks for the clarification @LostKobrakai. I think from now on I will always use $this->wire('apivar') because of consistency.
  21. Ok I see. I think this bug will not be fixed in the future, since Processwire 2.7.3 is legacy? For the moment It looks like you can fix it, when you moving the pages out of the current branch and then move it back (this helped for my case). Perhaps I need to upgrade the site to the 3.v branch since Ryan mentioned, that this behavior should already be fixed in the 3.v Branch. Thanks for your Time @LostKobrakai.
  22. Hi Guys I have an helper module where I am doing different Hooks and other additional logic for a website I am developing. I looked into the code of the module and noticed something. I am using API Variables in different ways. For example: // Creating FilenameArrays wire("config")->siteScripts = new FilenameArray(); // Creating logs wire("log")->save("selector", $event->return); // Getting languages $this->wire("languages") // Setting Debug mode (Depending on roles/usernames $this->config->debug = true; etc... Now my question is, does it matter if I am using... wire("apivar") $this->wire("apivar") $this->apivar And does it matter if I am mixing these method of accessing the api variables? PS: Module is extending WireData
  23. I get this error when trying to output images on the pdf template: mPDF error: IMAGE Error (URL/TO/IMAGE): Error parsing temporary file image object created with GD library to parse PNG image I am only using your WirePDF Wrapper. Greetings Nukro
  24. Hmm ok. So should I try your mysql script to reorder the descendants of the domain root? When I move the grandchildren out of the child I get this error: What does your script exactly do? Reorder all pages under home? Edit: 36093 is the id of the domain root. Looks like moving childs of domain root returns this error but moving grandchilds returns no error -> This error comes from a different hook of mine, so has nothing to do with the problem itself. PS: I am using 2.7.3 Version
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