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  1. Yup. Moving on. For now. Need to get a website out. Thanks for your input @FrancisChung. Really appreciate the effort.
  2. I have. The problem is, inside the script.js file, it calls a bunch of other JS files (I didn't realise the template was so JS heavy, else I would have steered clear; not too fond of goooftymegafters and majiggers that bobble this way and jiggle that way). So, the calls happening in script.js aren't working. All the files called in that file can't be found, apparently. Throws 404 errors. So I ended up hardcoding all the URLs in the script.js file. If it were a PHP, I'm guessing the $config->paths->templates thingy would have worked fine. Just on another note: I just figured out (from stalking PW forum posts, of course) how to use repeaters. This system is ridiculously powerful... If I had sat down years ago and just put my freaking head to it, I would have been a PW pro by now. But noooooooooo, "WordPress is the best CMS in the world!" Gmf... (Just thought I'd share this major milestone in my PW journey; it's not coming easy , so every victory is worth a celebration :))
  3. To be honest, Mr Chung, I don't even know if you're speaking English now
  4. Thanks for your replies, @tpr and @FrancisChung. I hardcoded the URLs in. Simply don't understand how to do this. Will leave the understanding for another day. Blessings!
  5. Hi, Trust this message finds you hale and hearty. Need your help, if you'd be so kind. I just can't seem to get the file paths correct for a template I'm converting to Processwire. Js folder is inside the site -> templates folder: In this folder are calls to js files, in my _head.inc and _foot.inc files: In the _head.inc file: jquery.js jquery-migrate-1.2.1.js device.min.js In the _foot.inc file: script.js Here's the code I use to call these files: _head.inc <script src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates; ?>js/jquery.js"></script> <script src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates; ?>js/jquery-migrate-1.2.1.js"></script> <script src='<?php echo $config->urls->templates; ?>js/device.min.js'></script> _foot.inc <script src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>js/script.js"></script> Inside the script.js file, there are a bunch of includes, like the following: include('js/jquery.cookie.js'); I'm on Chrome, and the console shows a bunch of 404 errors. The main files don't find the files referenced in script.js. Here's an example: http://localhost/surfinn.rocks/js/jquery.cookie.js http://localhost/surfinn.rocks/js/jquery.cookie.js That shows an error. The HTML demo of the site I installed on my Wamp works fine. No errors. Not the case when loaded in Processwire. Any idea what I'm missing? Thanks so much for your time.
  6. @BitPoet the whole page thing definitely trips me up. I'll take a look at that module. I've also received an official document of authorisation from my wife to invest in the profields plugin, end of the month. (I'm the boss, as long as she allows me to be.) Thanks for your input!
  7. Thanks @szabesz, @adrian and @Robin S, for your replies. Will take a look at the json module. I think I struggle to grasp some of the concepts of PW. But I'm spending most of my free time reading up on it and watching vids about it. The profields module looks amazing. Might invest in that. Thanks again for your replies!
  8. Hi @szabesz, Thanks for your reply. Perhaps I don't understand how to set up a repeater field properly. If I use a repeater, I get an option to choose from a predefined list of choices. What I require is a field where I populate the text myself, with an option to add more text fields. Check the attached image to see what I'm aiming for. Hopefully it makes more sense than my words
  9. That is awesome. Thanks @horst! Works a charm. Now the other issue, if you could help. How do I create a field where I can enter one or more lines of text? In other words, stuff to populate json_ld_alternateName. I looked at the repeated field, but that seems to require info that's already present in the system. Likewise, the pagetable field requires something too. What I need is a field that allows me to add the alternate name, then add another, if applicable. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I can't get my head around this simple concept. What am I missing? I need a field that allows me to enter multiple lines of text. Let's take some JSON+LD input as an example: The alternateName field allows one to enter more than one name for a hotel. So I need a field that allows me to say, click a + button to add a new option for an alternate name, add the text, and then do so again, if I have another alternate name. This then obviously has to generate the proper code automatically. I'm thinking this would be an array??? I can't seem to find a solution. Perhaps it's a lack of understanding what I'm looking for. Another, somewhat related issue: How do I create HTML that only outputs when there is something to output? Let's take the same JSON+LD. Here's the code for that: <script type="application/ld+json"> "alternateName": "<?php echo $page->json_ld_alternateName; ?>", </script> Now, is there a way to REMOVE the whole alternatename line of code (or not make it show in the first place), if there is no json_ld_alternateName inserted by the user? Thanks!
  11. Hi Ferdi, Thanks for your reply. I thought it didn't matter where the JSON LD script went. Any case, will move it inside the HEAD. Thanks!
  12. Oh, you're right. Duh! It was simply cache! Thanks BitPoet!
  13. Hi, Finally, after years of threatening to move away from WP to PW (see what I did there?), I've made the move. It's a slow move, to be sure, but it's a move. I just cannot justify using WordPress anymore, for anything but the most basic of blogs. It's becoming increasingly clearer that WP is the world's most overrated CMS. Smells like a certain mobile phone without a headphone jack. But I'm not using PW on my own sites yet. I've decided to keep it on the safe side. Building a site for one of my bosses first! (If I lose my job, I write well, if you need someone to create content for you.) I ran into a bit of a problem though. Here's the link to the mock site: http://jansieblom.co.za/surf/ I murdered the title tag. This happened after I created, and tried to use, a PageTable field. This funny title tag came up and didn't want to go away after I deleted the field. Any suggestions on how I can get the title to just display normally again? This is the current title code: <title><?php echo $page->title; ?></title>, inside a head.inc file. Please reply in English. PHP is mostly alien to me. Thank you so much.
  14. renobird, I'm going to. Just sat now and decided to use it on one of my domains, africanfishing.net, as a test project. First have to finish off one or two other WP sites that are 90 percent done, but then I'll slowly but surely start working on the .net site. Thanks!
  15. A question, while I have everyone's attention: is it possible to install PW in a subfolder, and have the site run in root?
  16. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'm hoping to jump in soon. I've actually considered PW superior for many years. Thing is, just knowing that something is superior does not mean you know how to harness that superiority. You work with what you can, until such a time as you're comfortable to move to the next thing. Thanks again. Many blessings!
  17. Hi, I'm slowly but surely digging into PHP. I am STILL stuck on WordPress, since I'm comfortable with it. I've mapped out somewhat of a journey to becoming a coding expert (which is a long road, I realise). I've recently started using Advanced Custom Fields, an excellent plugin for creating custom post types in WordPress. Then I got to thinking, this plugin seems to give WordPress functionality to act as what I see ProcessWire does out of the box. A thought: Don't consider this an insignificant thought, since I think that, if I've got it right, it would make it much easier to jump straight into PW.This is how I see it: You create a custom field group, specifically for output used for a custom post type. ACF allows for this in WP. I think PW has custom fields built in, since each page is basically a whole made up of custom fields. You then need to create a custom template to output those fields.If I'm right, this is where PW by FAR outshines WP, since it allows you to create the template using straightforward HTML and PHP, without having to learn an additional layer of functions. If needs be, you create a template to handle archive material, or to showcase posts in a portfolio fashion.WP makes use of the custom loop, which is probably the product's greatest strength. I can't imagine PW having something powerful to hook into (and of course, I could be wrong, and most probably am). This is thus something that I'd need to consider when jumping from WP to PW. But then, what could also be confusing in PW is that a page could simply be a small sliver of code that could be used repetitively in a PW website. One concern I have about PW is that, if you need something really bespoke, such as (eg) a calendar or online shop capability, you'd need to build it all by yourself in JS, PHP, MySQL (or whatever). There are no plugins for this type of thing. Do I have it correct? Just thinking out loud.
  18. What does Padloper mean in your language? In mine it translates to roadwalker. Interesting name...
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