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  1. thank you mate, I will try to play around the API and follow the post!
  2. Hello everyone, I need to rewrite entire application and I want to choose PW for speed reason and logic. I love the roles/permissions system and relationships in db, but now the question.. My app is based on users roles, foreach user role I need to write a big form (around 30fields)->store in database->edit and show the form. Simple crud system in frontend. I can not find a guide to do this, I would use as much as possible the PW's API can you give me some advice? edit: this module works fine! http://modules.processwire.com/modules/form-template-processor/ @ryan with the upload fields the page say "The page must be saved" my code in my template is: $form = $modules->get('FormTemplateProcessor'); $form->template = $templates->get('my_template'); $form->requiredFields = array('field1', 'field2', 'field3'); $form->parent = $page; echo $form->render(); Thank you all guys!
  3. Hi all, I installed the new admin reno theme and i want to change the admin logo. If i change the logo inside site/modules/AdminTheneReno/styles/images/logo.png in my local machine works great! But when i try to do on remote server it seems not to work, same for the image inside my custome page "instruction.php" I just overwrite the " processwire " logo with another .png files the problem is on my remote server? thank you for help A
  4. Hello all! When i work in local my website works; But when i submitted a form through admin panel and click "view" button, the session is expired and i need to refill the user/id of my app. This problem is only on remote hosting, any idea? edit: done, just change this value $config->sessionFingerprint = true; to false A
  5. Thank you again all done! The last question if it's possible... I used Pages2Pdf to generate the pdf , and is perfect . There is the ability to send the PDF to an email address ? ( via button or with other function ) ? Thank you again for the help guys! A
  6. Oho! Thank you very much! It's just what I was looking for! You saved me @macrura, thank you so much @ renobird too! if I have any questions I will post A
  7. Hello all! I'm Andrea and I'm new in PW world. Lovely place, i like it! It's the perfect hook between cms and framework! But now, we come to the question. - It's possible to duplicate (throught .append() jquery method) the form section in backend admin panel? (i.e. http://tristandenyer.com/using-jquery-to-duplicate-a-section-of-a-form-maintaining-accessibility/) I created a form backend, allowing the user to enter information, but I would like to duplicate a section (the section name products). - is there the possibility of generating a .jpg or .pdf from a php page? Sorry for my bad english guys !
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