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  1. If there is a better way, using the page name is not required. It just work until the point where subpages where created.
  2. Hi there, I am using a url schema like this: page.html page1.html etc. As the name unter settings. I don't want to start a discussion about how useful .html is Works but not for pages that have child pages, where the path would is page.html/child1.html page1.html/child4.html The page and page1 should be without html if I access the children and with if I click the parent.
  3. Is there any update on the matter, using the module on not just body images? Unfortunately I can't get the somas method working.
  4. MuchDevs suggestion goes in that direction. I have to tryout some rules and see if that works. I'll try to elaborate it better. I have a structure, but I don't want that everything is listet in my sitemap and I don't want to add new pages and IDs manually in the future. /root-Frontpage of PR //Page 1 //Page 2 ... //Service (that Page ist hidden) ///News (lists all news entries) ////News entries 1 ////News entries 2 ////News entries 3 For now Services and every children are hidden and not shown in the sitemap
  5. I'm new to Processwire so forgive me of not knowing everything. I figured hat I could to something like that: $children = $page->children("id=1017|1018|1019|1020|1029,include=hidden"); But I'd like to include a page’s children but not the parent page itself. I could set the IDs but if I add one, I have to add the ID by hand as well. This I don't.
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