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  1. Hi Formulate, Unfortunately I did not manage to get an answer to the problem, did not have any further input from the forum. Looking at some of the sites that have used PW the potential seems great. My only observation is, this forum is very friendly and helpful, but I think that a certain level of knowledge is assumed in replies you get, however when you are like myself and completely out of my depth on certain issues then I run into a brick wall. I will be the first one to admit that not all of us are made equal and there is no shame in that and clearly there are some outstandingly clever contributers in this forum but I think the fact that we are not all made equal does not always register with them Regards - Mel
  2. Hello I have managed to get service page module installed and producing output Below is the output from a page called widgets (have not tried adding any images yet or css formatting yet) thought I would start of simple I have no real working knowledge of JS and limited knowledge of php On the basis that I want to get this information to show on another domain and different server, I would appreciate some coding example of what I have to do next This is the output that the service page is producing which is correctly showing five records Thanks - Mel Selector: template=widgets, limit=50 Total: 6 Limit: 50 Start: 0 Matches:0id: 1018 parent_id: 1 template: widgets path: /enter-widgets/ name: enter-widgets widget_name: widget_color: 1id: 1024 parent_id: 1018 template: widgets path: /enter-widgets/blue-widget/ name: blue-widget widget_name: widget1 widget_color: blue 2id: 1025 parent_id: 1018 template: widgets path: /enter-widgets/white-widget/ name: white-widget widget_name: widget2 widget_color: white 3id: 1026 parent_id: 1018 template: widgets path: /enter-widgets/red-widget/ name: red-widget widget_name: widget3 widget_color: red 4id: 1027 parent_id: 1018 template: widgets path: /enter-widgets/another-widget/ name: another-widget widget_name: widget4 widget_color: yellow 5id: 1028 parent_id: 1018 template: widgets path: /enter-widgets/widget-help/ name: widget-help widget_name: widget5 widget_color: green
  3. Hello Horst, Thank you for the instructions on how to use the watermarkLogo it works really well, I used the second example above using the tools page - which also taught me a bit more about how templates and pages interact with each other. Thanks again - Mel
  4. Hello Diogo, Yes they will all be different domains, but the reason for different servers is that there may be a slight overlap on some of the keywords and meta descriptions and also want to avoid having all the sites on the same IP addresses, it could be the case where several of the sites are on one server (where there is no risk of duplicate meta description and keywords) and others on another server, etc etc, We want to avoid Google seeing any chance of duplicate content and the like I will take a look at the service pages module Does the module allow access to pages by other domains not on the same server? When displaying the data on another site is it apperent that the data is being called from another IP address? That's was my initial reasoning of copying over the master database on a regular basis beit hourly, twice or once a day but I am stuck on how I could update all the other files i.e. the image files etc on a regular basis at the same time and probably as I mentioned in the orginal posting I am also missing somethinge here like wrong url pathways etc on the other domains in the databases Mel
  5. Hello Craig, Thanks for your reply. Part of the reason that these sites are going to be on different servers is to make sure that each site is and appears independent from the master site from a Google - SEO perspective. Not having dealt with RSS at all and at this moment in time I would not even know where to start with it also I am not sure if the RSS feed will show up as an incoming link to the slave sites from the master site . What I am trying to achieve is X number of totally stand alone sites but with all being able to access the master data without any direct linkage Mel
  6. Hello everyone, New to PW and modules etc, so this is a steep learning curve for me at the moment but enjoyable Using the code below I am getting images to display without problem, now I would like to add a watermark to the images I have installed the PageImageManipulator Have read through the postings on using it but still confused Is the watermark image stored in the images file or does it have to form part of a template and page? I have made a template called watermark Should I know make a page called template and upload an image into it? How do I get the watermark to work with the code below <?php $images = $page->new_images_field; foreach($images as $image){ echo "<img src='{$image->url}' />"; echo "<br><br><br>"; } ?> Thank you - Mel
  7. Hi I am new to PW but have used cms systems before and would like your input on how or even if it is possible to achieve the following: What I want to do is show records from a master site across lets say for example 6 slave sites deployed on several DIFFERENT dedicated servers which I would have admin of. I want to avoid having to individually input records (which include images) into each site. My thinking so far is: Have clone sites with PW on the six other domains Use something like Navicat.com to regularly update the databases on the slave sites But how do I get the images over to the other sites from the master site on a regular basis? Or more to the point is my thinking totally flawed? Am I going to have problems with incorrect pathways etc? Or is there a better way to do it? Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be much appreciated Thank you Mel
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