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  1. Thank you all for your input! It helps a lot. As there is a straight deadline for a new client page, i 'd rather go with the matrix repeater for this time. Seems to have all i need. Nonetheless i'll keep an eye on further discussions on other page builder solutions. bg felic
  2. Looking on my yesterdays post with a fresh eye,- how one could possibly understand what i was talking about... Sorry. No, i don't to add CSS/Markup on the fly to the frontend. Hopefully it becomes more clear if i'll be more descriptive ... When i build client pages and it's specified what content elements the page needs, i begin writing the Markup/CSS (Plain HTML). This contains different kinds of content elements or/and content element groups which building a meaningful unit. Some call it Modules, some call it Components, some even don't have a name for it... Examples (for Modules as i like to call them for now): - Some Text with a Heading and Picture aside - Picture Gallery with Captions - List of employees (Picture, Contacts) - <you name it> When i am done with writing the markup/css i integrate this into the CMS: create appropriate fields, assign them to templates, populate the template files with the variables a.s.o. The order and what is displayed on page edit screen is determined. Optional i can create fieldsets to group depending fields (representing the internal module) visually a bit. But that's it... So, i was wondering if i can find a way that gives me (and the clients later on) a bit more flexibility on adding/reordering predefined content elements (e.g. Modules). Use case: I am on a edit screen of some page (backend). Some kind of selection allows me to pick a available module (which represent a bunch of fields) to add to the page. For example the module "List of employees" (s. above). After that i select another available module (e.g. "Picture Gallery") and add it. So the page looks like this: <List of employees> <Picture Gallery> Next i like (drag&drop) to reorder the former added modules (to make sense,- this should reflect the display in the frontend of course. But that is not important for this use case) . So afterwards the page looks like this: <Picture Gallery> <List of employees> Now i like to add another instance of the "List of employees" Module because there some more company divisions. <Picture Gallery> <List of employees> <List of employees2> Because the Division Boss is a VIP (so he thinks at least), i move the last "List of employees" to the top of page. <List of employees2> <Picture Gallery> <List of employees> Hopefully this makes it more clear what i meant... Maybe i am missed something that exist (forum post or in the processwire modules section) yet. regards felic
  3. Hi, sorry, the title is a bit hazy i am afraid... I rather have some knowledge in building a proper CSS/HTML Structure for the sites i build. To keep it simple,- i build CSS-Modules in conjunction with the proper Markup. In the processwire context this means, those CSS-Modules are represented through defined groups of (processwire)fields. What i like to achieve: Make it possible to add various, different Modules on the fly while in page edit mode. And, thats important, make it possible to change there position by drag&drop (reflects the order within the frontend). As a first approach i though using Repeaters could fit. But all my attempts leads to a dead end in one way or another. Reading a lot about PageTables, Page References and the like to see if this would be a good approach leaves me a bit stumped. Maybe one you guys can give me a boot on this... Any suggestions? 😉 I hope my description what i like to achieve is precise enough. Thanks in advance, regards felic
  4. @yellowled Das sind fast so quasselstrippen wie die, die meinen 'moin moin' hält besser. Und wäre korrekt.

  5. Thanks for your reply. It seems the ProcessImageMinimize (inactive since some time now) caused the outgoing ping. But, strangely enough, only on this domain/PW installation. PW Installations on other domains with these also installed Module shows no disruption.
  6. Hi, sorry, hope this isn't PW off-topic,- actually i am not sure yet. One Domain with PW installed (latest 2.7) performs only with a very, very slow response. So i wrote a mail to the Hoster-Support because i haven't a clue what causes this behavior. Their answer was: "The script calls a IP per SSL, which response is heavily delayed. The IP has no Reverse-DNS Entry. [*IP adress*]". "Script" means PW, i suppose. But still i have no idea how to solve this. I tried to exclude the IP address within the htaccess. No luck. I temporarily pulled out the installed modules (deleting the directories per FTP, as i don't get into the admin because of a timeout). No Luck. I am running out of ideas... Any hint how to solve this or for further investigation are highly appreciated! ;-) Thanks and greets
  7. As far as i remember i did on the console (os x) because this occurs on my local stuff. This might be possible through the SQL Console within phpmyadmin (?)
  8. Peter, Head der Print Unit, neigte angewidert den Kopf. Er fühlte sich alt. Zu alt für diese Form der Selbstironie. https://t.co/RzOuYUJ2m9

  9. Die MLPD Rotfüchse sorgten für den Höhepunkt im diesjährigen Sommer-Camp. https://t.co/GMgzVUp2rm

  10. Kunden (Autorin), die auf der Startseite in 713 Wörtern über die Schwierigkeit fabulieren, der Homepage einen "gescheiten Anfang" zu geben.

  11. Pyrenees, Sheep on dope https://t.co/xBp6mDApRU

  12. Pyrenees, here we come. https://t.co/uczRlunHOE

  13. An die eigene (osx nutzende) Zunft: Wo liegen bei euch auf Platte die Apple eigenen Core Audio Effekte (bspw. AUMatrixReverb)?

  14. RT @davrous: Visualizing a "Git Merge" https://t.co/RQJ2AV7JRQ

  15. Eindeutigkeit in Bezug auf diese rechteckigen, beschriften Papiere in der Auslage ist heutzutage obligatorisch. https://t.co/nrswRNYcZ8

  16. @yellowled Hatte ich schon. Aber einmal übergelaufen... s. Screenshot. Hoster anrufen...

  17. Nochmal: Kl. Büroraum/Arbeitsplatz in Köln-Klettenberg ab 1.9.2016 zu vermieten: https://t.co/MT83IAiwC3 Bitte RT.

  18. Und jedesmal ein widerstrebendes zischen, wenn ich Fireworks starten muss. Es ist so grottenlangsam. Die Altlast toter Software.

  19. Den ablehnenden Bescheid d. Ordnungsamt in d. Händen, prustete Emma L. : "Jetzt muss du deinen Mann stehen, Fritz". https://t.co/pRENCZK2iZ

  20. Last tweet. Correct link: https://t.co/zWjwRBFkZ5

  21. Wir müssen eine öffentl. Platz gestalten, der für Jung u. Alt gleichermaßen attraktiv ist. https://t.co/VHmtlMZQG5

  22. https://t.co/mICKbPpkA7

  23. Ich kann mir nicht helfen, aber ich finde das bisherige Gekicke bei der EM bislang unsagbar langweilig? o_O #euro2016

  24. Neue Regel f. Selfmade Videos von Trekking-Touren: WENIGER JAMMERN, Weicheier. Ihr macht das freiwillig. RT.

  25. Thunderbolt Anschluß im iMac plötzlich tot. Gut, also jetzt ENTWEDER Musik ODER 2ter Bildschirm. Smells like Aldi spirit.

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