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  1. Hello, I'm getting this exact error after launching a site using 2.6.1 for the first time. I ran the site through Xenu link checker to try and trigger the error message, but it ran fine, suggesting to me that the problem doesn't lie in the site templates. The System Notifications module appears to create a table in the database called field_notifications, which holds the data that is used for the notifications. It would appear that the error is being caused by a 404 error trying to be added to this table without a unique pages_id and sort. 41 is the superuser ID I believe. So essentially what is happening is the system is trying to add another record (pages_id = 41, sort = 0) when it already exists. However, I can't seem to replicate this however many times I generate a 404! Any ideas what might be generating the 404 that is causing the error? (PS - Going to disable the 404 notifications for the time being)
  2. Hello, First off - thanks for the module! I'm trying to uninstall the module (version 1.1.0) on a site that doesn't require a sitemap, but I keep getting the following error: Recoverable Fatal Error: Argument 1 passed to Fields::___delete() must implement interface Saveable, null given (line 265 of ...wire/core/Fields.php) Any ideas? Will manually uninstall it if needbe. Cheers, Chris
  3. Hi there, I've just installed this module and noticed an error in the AjaxSearch.js file. Line 94 - 98: $('.ajaxSearch_close') .live('click',function(){ $(this).closest('#ajaxSearch').fadeOut(); }); I've changed this to: $('.ajaxSearch_close').click(function(){ $(this).closest('#ajaxSearch').fadeOut(); }); } Which appears to work just fine. Is the ".live" left over from a previous version?
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