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  1. Thank you, Sérgio! I installed and tooled around with ProcessMigrator, and I don't think it does what I had in mind. To clarify, I was wondering if there was a way—whether natively, or by module—to save the template and field settings to a text file (JSON would be perfect) somewhere in the /site directory. ProcessWire would then use that config file instead of the Templates and Fields panels. So instead of configuring Templates and Fields in ProcessWire's UI, these settings would be entirely configured in a text file, that could be kept with the template PHP files in version control. Does that make sense? Based on my quick look at ProcessMigrator, it lets you save your Templates and Fields settings (and a lot more) to the file system, but it doesn't read that data back into ProcessWire unless you trigger an Import using the Migrator panel. Is that right?
  2. I see it's possible to Export and Import data from the Templates and Fields panels. Awesome. Is it possible to configure these settings in a text file or files that live in the site directory? The /site/templates directory already contains PHP files for each template, but they don't cover the template and field metadata that one configures using the ProcessWire admin panels.
  3. ˙@leeflower Do you have a better way in mind?

  4. Need @YojimboBB bookmarks? Go file:///Applications/Yojimbo.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/Yojimbo%20Help/pgs/install_bookmarklet.html

  5. 3/3 "And it's a way in which you violate a person that you can never repair." https://t.co/E2datDO4IS #torture

  6. "At that point, I simply made the next justification and abandoned prayer, and stopped seeking out God." https://t.co/E2datDO4IS #torture

  7. Aging seems to affect my Whole Body, of all things.

  8. ˙@olde_fortran Could it be a reference to the length and bendiness of the river?

  9. "A specter is still haunting commercial society. That specter is not socialism, but the people's romance." https://t.co/vD7mcP8ERe

  10. Tonight Dan Klein points to me, and says "No glamour."But he's sitting right next to David Azerrad, so I guess I can't blame him.

  11. My wife's summary of Star Trek: "Are we going to have a space fight now?" "No, we are just going to stand around talking on our space ship."

  12. ˙@Ted_Ladd Your data doesn't reveal specifically what hypotheses were validated—is that a correct understanding of the paper?

  13. ˙@kevinrollins The ghost of Rand Pall? ;P

  14. ˙@textpattern This trade dress seems familiar. CC: @txpdev https://t.co/R5mmPSwHw8

  15. "The modalities for a cessation of hostilities are now being completed." says @realJohnKerry. In @govplainlang: "We will stop fighting."

  16. Better yet, send your password to the FBI. Problem solved! https://t.co/fhzEvnG3j0

  17. Seriously, introduce yourself to @Achewood today. https://t.co/kHPUU5fL75

  18. ­@chuckfager #Billionaire finds common ground with Socialist: https://t.co/ttEPxlUW36

  19. .@WIRED offers a clear rundown on Apple’s standoff with the FBI https://t.co/Pj6IOC3zFe

  20. RT @JBriggeman: McCloskey chastises Trump: "a rhetoric that feeds an anti-reality ideology" https://t.co/MJx2Zk5eUT

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