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  1. Dear ProcessWire patrons, I'm installing ProcessWire on my local development machine to try it out. I'm running Mac OS 10.9.2, running the default Apache and PHP (v5.4.24), and MySQL 5.6.13. I also have phpMyAdmin and several other LAMP applications running without any problems. The ProcessWire install script ran without any apparent errors, prompting me for my database details, letting me create the admin user, writing the config file, and populating its database with new tables. Finally, it prompted me to log in or look at the site, and that's where my success streak ends. When I try to access the admin url "/processwire/", I'm greeted with the error: "Database unavailable." Likewise when I try to access any page on the "Basic Example Site"—all except for the homepage, which loads fine. No errors are logged by Apache. I removed the ProcessWire directory and database, and database user, and installed it again from a fresh zip package and fresh database, and I hit the same wall after the install script runs. Again, the config file was created and the database was populated, so I can see that it actually connected to MySQL using the credentials I entered. I don't know what steps to take to troubleshoot this. My other local LAMP applications, including phpMyAdmin, Textpattern, and others, continue to run fine. I'd appreciate any insight or suggestions. Thanks in advance! John
  2. Great summary of the ambiguity of inequality: Income Equality: A Search for Consequences http://t.co/HbmrHCV26D [ht @flowidealism]

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