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  1. Weirdly, I've added that in index.php : if (isset($_GET['it'])) { $_GET['it'] = str_replace($rootURL, "/", $_GET['it']); } on line 68 and now it works in my nginx file I just added : location /mysite/ { try_files $uri $uri/ /mysite/index.php?it=$uri&$args; } Is this a bug ?
  2. Hi bora, It doesnt work. I suppose PW ( contrary to WP ) needs the $uri with the right path.
  3. Hi, How to adapt it to make it run with subdirectory installs ?
  4. Hello, I'm deployed multiple pw sites already, all with nginx. This time I need to have multiple pw sites for a domain, every one of them under a subdirectory. I've been trying many things, every time I get 404 or 500 errors on /directory/processwire ( the /directory/ works, other pages not ). Did someone already managed to get that working ? PS : Apache is not an option
  5. @zyON : Awesome! Why using InputfieldFile::fileAdded and not Pagefile::install hook ? I'm thinking about doing a fork, you mind? j.
  6. Thanks Marty for the answer. I guess i just need to find the right hooks for file writing if they do exist then the rest will be doable. I have the time to make it. Of course I'll share it with the community ( I got a few other modules under dev that I will share along the summer ). J.
  7. Hi, I'd like to create a module to upload directly every file ( images uploaded, css and js minified by AIOM, etc... ) to S3 so it can then be distributed via Cloudfront in a clean way. How would you proceed to detect these file creation/changes ? Thanks ! J.
  8. Hi totoff, I guess it's not really a secret. I used to run a webagency and I'm used to crazy deadlines. So, no i was not working 24/24 at all. I dont know if this method would work for everybody, but here is how I work : - Give yourself a deadline - Spend 1/8 of the time allocated to plan ahead the project, the data structure, the features. - Use tools, libraries, frameworks you know by heart, and learn one new tool ( no more no less ) at each project. Small tool for a small project, bigger tool for bigger project. - If you run into a bug, give yourself 10min and/or 5 tries max to find the reason of the bug (the reason, not the solution). If not found, don't get stuck, wait the next day. - Don't optimize before going to prod. Wait 24h after going to prod to see bottlenecks, then add one day to fix performance issues ( same thing : only tools you know, learn one new every time ) - Use a good css/js library / framework. - Rely carefully on third party plugins : try to stay the master of your markup. - Work with repeatable design so your css will be repeatable and modularized. - Be the one who design the site : so you can balance difficulty - To do list, to do list. Plan the next day at the end of the day. - If you have the budget, use QA services ( like http://crowdsourcedtesting.com/ ) - Know the market you're coding for. Don't kill yourself for under represented browsers. - Use a laptop, so you can code anywhere ( when you have an idea, etc... ). - Practice, practice, practice
  9. @Joss : Thank you! it's awesome. you're quite a writer! Btw we are planning to get some Irish oysters @fmgujju : Everything is PW. I think that PW is the only CMS that would allow me to do such a website in 5 days
  10. @diogo : I'm the one to blame I'm experimenting different conversion models because the Philippines market is quite a difficult one for this segment. Thanks for your appreciation! @Joss : A review would be wonderful! For food writing, why not We should discuss about it!
  11. Hi, I'd like to share the new version of my website, http://bowtieduck.com It's an online delivery service of fine foods, in the Philippines. Your thoughts are welcome ! Julien
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