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  1. I've installed it and, as you say, it just allows input for URLs for other languages. This would mean manually adding all the URLs to any URL fields, so somewhat workable but not really ideal solution to the problem.
  2. I can't seem to locate any module that tackles this (even from the incredible Robin S!) — it feels like this should be part of the URL field so it supports multilingual sites. I think I'll need something that can work for all URL fields (now and future). I guess the best thing would be to devise a hook that modified the URL before page rendering. Could you start me on the right road here please?
  3. Hi, I have a URL field that will sometimes have relative/local URLs on a multilingual site, for example /contact/ However the URL field does not seem to pick up when I'm on another language, for example /fr/ so I'm taken to the default language page for /contact/ rather than /fr/contact/ Is there a way to make the URL fields play well with a multi-language site? Thanks!
  4. I have local and production config files, so that's exactly the setting I need, thanks!
  5. Hi, I would like to set an admin template to 'https only' as recommended in the Processwire security docs. However if I do this it forces this setting locally too, resulting in https://localhost requests which result in an error page. Is there a simple way round this? Setting https for templates in the config? Thanks!
  6. Yeh, I think the best option here is a site from the same database but I'm then a little unsure on how everything would get mirrored ie. someone creates a page/deletes on the 'master' site, how that would then be created/deleted on the low bandwidth version. Also I'm slightly wary of basing this production site off a plugin that seems to be a bit old and unsupported. But... urlSegments to the rescue! 😃 This sounds like the perfect solution and totally negates a more complex solution on a subdomain. Only thing I can see complicating matters here is it's a multilingual site. So will need to make sure urlSegments + multilingual setup plays nicely together.
  7. Hi, I'm looking at how I might achieve the following with Processwire: A low-bandwidth version of a website, on a subdomain (eg text.mydomain.com), where the content/database is exactly the same as the top level domain, but a new set of templates is used so the site is stripped back to just very simple CSS/low quality images. I'm looking and trying to work out what might be best — is it multi-site from the same database? Multi-instance? API? Any guidance or experience of a similar setup would be much appreciated.
  8. Ah thanks @AAD Web Team I'ved added in to the thread on GitHub that this issue also affects PageTable fields 👍
  9. Thanks @millipedia! What's your agency? I'm currently WFH in Stokie 🙂
  10. Thanks @teppo — it should look good on a decent-sized screen. However on small laptop (768px - 1214px ish) we need to adjust text sizing as at the moment everything feels too big. The play/pause button was my stipulation if I was going to allow an autoplay slideshow 🙂
  11. We've just launched our new site, rebranded AND become a B Corp. Phew! (only took us 2 years to do all that...) https://humanafterall.studio/ We're a design agency in London working with tech and purpose organisations. We've used PW on many client projects and on all our own previous websites. For this one, we built with: Processwire 3.0.155 ProCache for speeding everything up Custom Inputfield Dependencies for keeping the back-end in check (thanks @Robin S) Markup regions for templates Bulma as a frontend framework PJAX for page loading Service Worker module for adding a service worker ImageOptim (online) for optimisation of all images (using this PW module) KeyCDN for serving static assets Lazysizes for lazyloading of all images/video Lots of what I worked on was optimising for speed — which can be a challenge for an agency that wants a lot of big imagery. (it's also a PWA so you can install it on your desktop in Chrome and add to homescreen on iOS for fullscreen standalone app view) Anyway it's a culmination of working and developing with PW for a long time, hope you enjoy!
  12. I'm using some Custom fields for images: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.142/#custom-fields-for-files-images When I save the page, and return the fields are blank. When I re-add the text to the fields and save again then the fields save as expected. I know this is stated as being quite experimental but it's super useful feature I'd love to get working correctly. I have fields that are CKEditor fields but have overidden this on the image specific template. I've also tried it with regular text fields and I get the same bug. (currently using Processwire 3.0.155) **UPDATE** I've found this issue is specific to editing on pages using the PageTable fieldtype. The fields are not saving when I save the page in the PageTable.
  13. Hi Adrian, Cheers for the link to the fix + info on the dev version. I think I might just run that when I push this site live seeing as the dev version is getting used on production sites. Thank you!
  14. Ah I'm running 2.4.0. Should I update to latest dev version?
  15. Hi, Having an odd issue with image fields where there seems image fields have not got the option to add descriptions in or trash the image. See the screengrab below: It seems to be happening on fields with one image, if I add multiple images I get the little icon to change it to expanded view and am able there to trash images and add descriptions. Does anyone know what might be causing this? I can see for a very brief moment a flash of the description box on page load but it then gets hidden.
  16. Philipp, Thanks for the info - I understand now why Processwire was outputting PNGs at big filesizes. I'm just testing out your service - so far so good!
  17. Hi, I'm getting some odd filesize issues with PNGs when uploading to Processwire. I've optimised a PNG down to 260kb using Save for Web + ImageOptim. Original image for upload Once it has been resized by Processwire the filesize skyrockets to 7mb+ Resized image by Processwire I've tried playing with the 'quality' setting but all it seems to do is degrade the quality of the image but the file size stays exactly the same. Does anyone know what might be happening here to make a resized PNG such a huge filesize compared to the original? Thanks!
  18. I managed to get this working by hacking the following together... $(document).ready(function () { $("#topnav .services a").click(function() { $("#topnav .services a.alert").removeClass('alert'); // unhighlight selected nav item... $(this).addClass('alert'); // ...and highlight new nav item $("#topnav .all a.alert").removeClass('alert'); $("#bodycopy").html(""); $.get($(this).attr('href'), function(data) { $("#bodycopy").hide().html(data).fadeIn(500); }); return false; }); var ias = $.ias({ container: "#container", item: ".item", pagination: "#pagination", next: ".next a" }); ias.extension(new IASTriggerExtension({ text: 'Load more', html: '<div class="ias-trigger" style="text-align: center; cursor: pointer;"><a class="button round large alert">{text}</a></div>', })); ias.extension(new IASSpinnerExtension({ src: 'http://staging.humanafterall.co.uk/v3-vanilla/images/spinner.gif', })); }); Which references this code... <ul id='topnav' class='inline-list'> <?php $homepage = $pages->get("/work/services/"); $children = $homepage->children; echo"<li class='all'><a class='button round alert' href='javascript: window.location.reload()'>All</a></li>"; foreach($children as $child) { echo "<li class='services'><a class='button round' href='{$child->url}'>{$child->title}</a></li>"; } ?> </ul> Basically the click function for the services removes the 'alert' class for the 'all' button. The all button is also a window.location.reload() link so the whole page gets loaded again rather than just using the AJAX, thus making the InfiniteScroll work again. Hacky but it works!
  19. Nope, still not working :/ The pagination there is necessary to allow /page2/ which is what the load more plugin hooks into and loads.
  20. Hi 3fingers, just tried that and getting the same result of just the text link rather than the 'load more' button. Just thought that the head.inc and foot.inc files doen't get loaded for the AJAX pages on the template file... <?php if(!$config->ajax) include("./head.inc"); ?> // template code goes inbetween here // <?php if(!$config->ajax) include("./foot.inc"); ?> So I guess adding it to the $(document).ready() function in the head.inc wouldn't make much difference?
  21. Hi, I'm experimenting with using AJAX to deliver just a portion of the page, as described here by Ryan. I've got it working on using this javascript: $(document).ready(function () { $("#topnav a").click(function() { $("#topnav a.alert").removeClass('alert'); // unhighlight selected nav item... $(this).addClass('alert'); // ...and highlight new nav item $("#bodycopy").html(""); $.get($(this).attr('href'), function(data) { $("#bodycopy").hide().html(data).fadeIn(500); }); return false; }); }); However I've also got a 'load more' button powered by Infinite AJAX Scroll which works fine when you first load the page. This is the javascript I'm using for the 'load more' button: var ias = $.ias({ container: "#container", item: ".item", pagination: "#pagination", next: ".next a" }); ias.extension(new IASTriggerExtension({ html: '<div class="ias-trigger" style="text-align: center; cursor: pointer;"><a class="button round large alert">{text}</a></div>', })); ias.extension(new IASSpinnerExtension({ })); The 'load more' button works on the first load of the page, however if you click 'all' (or any of the filter buttons, the back to 'all') it doesn't load the Infinite Ajax Scroll script and just shows the plain ol' text link to /page2/ Could anyone point me at how I might be able to make the Infinite Ajax Scroll 'load more' work when the AJAX controlled buttons are used? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  22. Hi Soma, Odd - actually you may have viewed it when I was updating the images linked to in the original post. Can you try a refresh and see if the images above look the same now? Also here's a grab of the second image. Are you definitely not seeing any posterization on the gradient?
  23. Hi Robert, I couldn't get it to work correctly (wasn't cropping anymore) and worked out it needs to be lines 247 & 386 in Imageriszer.php that needed to be commented out (rather than 387). Thanks!
  24. Hi, I'm using the on the fly image resizing in Processwire to create suitable image sizes for different viewports (using Foundation's Image Interchange). All seemed to be working fine but I'm having real trouble with the quality of the outputted image. This is the orginal image: This is an example of a resized image: It looks like it's losing colour information in the process of being resized. I've tried setting the default quality to 100% (in the wire/core/ImageSizer.php) but to no avail. Could anyone share any light on what might be happening here?
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