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  1. Well, spending 12 years on PHP-Nuke the main goal of site upgrade was to keep things as simple as possible. You know all those first generation CMSs, they were a real pain. That is why we rejected Drupal, WordPress, MODX, Joomla during selection process. I was fed up with systems where you only allowed to toss some blocks and an actual page code is generated under the hood. ProcessWire kind of reverse the whole development process. Here you start with a blank page. You write a neat code and turn to CMS only when needed. There are only few templates serving the whole site. For example all lists are the same, differing only by a line of CSS code: http://gsbelarus.com/pw/en/articles/news/ http://gsbelarus.com/pw/en/articles/post/ http://gsbelarus.com/pw/en/articles/deployments/ The same is true for a story page: http://gsbelarus.com/pw/en/articles/deployments/avenu-centr/ http://gsbelarus.com/pw/en/articles/post/analiz-ispol-zovaniia-polei-v-baze-dannykh/ When needed pages are linked through tags. For example, here all right side bars are built by tags: http://gsbelarus.com/pw/en/front-page/solutions/units/fixed-assets/ There is only one code base. Smartphones, tablets and desktop versions are maintained through responsive CSS. You can check how the site will look on a phone or on a tablet just by shrinking browser window. We didn't use any UI scripting. All visual effects are done with animated CSS. Flexes and columns are used widely through the whole site. In fact, one and half year ago only Chrome and Firefox Developer Edition supported all CSS features we needed. Nowadays the site is rendered correctly in all current browsers except for some quirks in built-in browser of Android 5 and earlier. We wanted to save all old links to hundreds of articles from our old website. So, we imported all article id and made a special template which could deal with old URL, parse it, extract old id and find a matching page in the ProcessWire database. A single line in .htaccess file does the redirect: RedirectMatch permanent ^/gs/modules\.php(.*)$ http://gsbelarus.com/pw/redirect/$1 Also, a desire to save all old topics and links determined that we chose a PHPBB3 for a web site forums. Actually, 70% of development time were spent on seamless integration of PHPBB with ProcessWire. We integrated some Google services. Such as map: http://gsbelarus.com/pw/en/contact-us/ Search: http://gsbelarus.com/pw/search/ Forms: http://gsbelarus.com/pw/front-page/about/vacancies/ Calendar: http://gsbelarus.com/pw/front-page/about/calendar/ As of ProcessWire features table repeaters are used on Contact page: http://gsbelarus.com/pw/en/contact-us/ They define form fields you could see switching radio buttons.
  2. Hi, Here is our web site done in ProcessWire: http://gsbelarus.com/pw/en/ Background image will change with every page reload, so use Refresh to view all gallery.
  3. Thanks! It works but only if the counter incrementation goes before wireSendFile. i.e. $page->of(false); $page->download_counter = $page->download_counter + 1; $page->save(); $page->of(true); wireSendFile($f); Have I put wireSendFile before the code of incrementation it doesn't work. wireSendFile($f); $page->of(false); $page->download_counter = $page->download_counter + 1; $page->save(); $page->of(true); Have I missed something about wireSendFile functionality? Why it prevents execution of following code?
  4. Sorry, I didn't followed it until now. So, well, the solution was to reenter language prefixes. Why they were missing (and they were there definitely before) it is another case.
  5. Hi, I have a download template with an integer field download_counter and file_link. The task is to increment counter every time user downloads the file. So, I tried the following code: wireSendFile($page->download_file_link); $page->$download_counter = $page->$download_counter + 1; $page->save(); It sends file but doesn't increment the counter. I have modified it: wireSendFile($page->download_file_link); $p = $pages->get($page->id); $p->$download_counter = $p->$download_counter + 1; $p->save(); Alas, result is the same. File being downloaded but counter remains unchanged. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi, I know this sounds weird but at the some point all language prefixes disappeared from page paths. They were and now they are missing. I have all required for multilanguage support modules installed. What is wrong?
  7. Thanks. I have changed type from URL to Text and now it works fine.
  8. Hi, I have created a field of type URL, but at the moment of saving of a page it strips all cyrillic letters from a link thus http://gsbelarus.com/gs/wiki/index.php?title=Компиляция_платформы_Гедымин become http://gsbelarus.com/gs/wiki/index.php/__ What is wrong? Regards
  9. Hi, I'm stuck with PW 2.4.4 and can not move any forward. Every newest version I tried, I have got "Internal server error". I have tried just upgrade "wire" directory, I have tried default .htaccess, I have tried to comment out every bit of .htaccess. The result is the same. Versions of software are: Apache version 2.2.24 PHP version 5.2.17 MySQL version 5.5.36-cll-lve Any suggestions? With best regards, Andrei
  10. Hi, If I will retain .htaccess file from 2.4.4 what drawbacks would I have?
  11. Yes, I have replaced .htaccess with the file in latest sources. What exact changes I need to do for RewriteBase?
  12. I've got "Internal server error" after upgrading from 2.4.4 to 2.4.7. Did system requirements has been changed (PHP version, MySQL)? I have retreat to 2.4.4 but want to try newest version.
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