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  1. Hi. I want to use the MixItUp script where I put the names category as filter. Basically, I need to achieve this: <script type="text/javascript"> $(function(){ $('#Grid').mixitup({ multiFilter: true, showOnLoad: 'category_1 category_2 category_3 category_4 category_5' }); }); </script> I use this code for getting the names category pages but, it adds an space at the first (generated by echo " " in order to separate the categories) that doesn't let to work correctly. <script type="text/javascript"> $(function(){ $('#Grid').mixitup({ multiFilter: true, showOnLoad: '<?php $categories = $pages->get("template=categories")->children("template=categories, sort=sort"); foreach($categories as $category){echo " ".$category->name;}?>' }); }); </script> With the above code I get this: <script type="text/javascript"> $(function(){ $('#Grid').mixitup({ multiFilter: true, showOnLoad: ' category_1 category_2 category_3 category_4 category_5' }); }); </script> Could somebody help me to avoid adding an space at the beginning of the first category? Thanks in advance Fernando
  2. Many thanks for this great module. This was I need. (And thanks to user @titanium for his recomendation) I'd like to see in future versions, some default filters for non-technical user as generally are our clients, such as user @raydale suggested. Best regards Fernando
  3. Yes. That is what I referred. Many thanks Fernando
  4. Hello As I said in my first post, I come from Textpattern. It has a great feature I not sure if PW can do it. What I want is select several pages and change theirs status at the same time. For example, I select five pages (articles in TXP) through checkboxes and then I chose the status to hidden (unpublish) or published. That way, we'd save a lot of work / time doing one by one. I mean do it in the admin side. My questions is: Is it possible to do it in PW or is there some module for this purpose? Thanks Fernando
  5. Yes, you're right. Both codes work as I want. Thanks for the explanation. Fernando
  6. I'm working on a portfolio site. My structure is the next: Home Trabajos (I've put the code in this page/template) Trabajo 1 Trabajo 2 Trabajo 3 ... Trabajo N Store Contacto With your snippet, the code looks like so: <?php $trabajos = $pages->get('trabajos-parent')->children("template=trabajo, sort=sort"); foreach($trabajos as $trabajo){ echo "<div class='module01 mosaic-block bar'>"; echo "<a href='{$trabajo->url}' class='mosaic-overlay'>"; echo "<div class='details'>"; echo "<h4>{$trabajo->title}</h4>"; echo "<p>{$trabajo->description}</p>"; echo "</div>"; echo "</a>"; echo "<div class='mosaic-backdrop'><img src='{$trabajo->imagen_principal->url}' alt='' /></div>"; echo "</div><!--/module01 -->"; } ?> Each page has your own template, except all "trabajo" pages that share same template "trabajo".
  7. Thanks guys!. Slkwrm's suggestion works. Diogo what you propose didn't work me. Probably I'm doing some mistake due to my scarce knowledge of PHP and PW as well. Thanks again
  8. Dears, I've followed yours examples but I they don't work when I want to sort such as I have in my control Panel. Pages always display sorted such as I've created them and not as I sort them using drag and drop feature. I'm using next code to show a list of pages. <?php $trabajos = $pages->find("template=trabajo"); foreach($trabajos as $trabajo){ echo "<div class='module01 mosaic-block bar'>"; echo "<a href='{$trabajo->url}' class='mosaic-overlay'>"; echo "<div class='details'>"; echo "<h4>{$trabajo->title}</h4>"; echo "<p>{$trabajo->description}</p>"; echo "</div>"; echo "</a>"; echo "<div class='mosaic-backdrop'><img src='{$trabajo->imagen_principal->url}' alt='' /></div>"; echo "</div><!--/module01 -->"; } ?> Do you have any idea what could be the problem in my code why they don't sort as I see in my Administrator's screen? Worth mentioning, I've selected "Manual drag'n drop" in the 'Children are sorted by' field of theirs parent page. Best regards Fernando
  9. Thanks Guys, for so many examples using TXP as reference. All of you have been a great help so I'll put on practice your advices. Surely, I'll go back for more questions about lists of pages or other things. I hope to be helpful to you as well. Best regards
  10. Hi. I'm native Spanish speaker (from Argentina) and I'd like contribute to Jacmaes's translations or make a new one for Latin America. I like the idea to have a "formal" translation for an admin. When I say "formal", I mean use "usted" instead "vos" or "tu", but I'd want to know what is the opinion Ryan about that. BTW, I would like to take this opportunity to thank to him this fantastic CMS. I've not done any site using PW yet, but I realize its potential, so I want to express my deep adminiration for his great work. Going back to the translation subject, I would need some advices or tell me what I should do to make a new Spanish version. I've started translating what Jacmaes did into Control Panel of PW. Am I in a good path? Thanks in advance. Best regards Fernando
  11. Thanks Diogo. It seems very interested. Regards
  12. Many thanks guys for reply so soon and the welcome. Yes, I agree what Arjen said. That was one of thing that catched my attention because to me would be much easier to explain to my clients how is organized his site and so to have a general vision about the contents. And let's not even talk about the content custom types and drag and drop features. I love them! I like TXP because never was necessary to me learn PHP, but seeing PW potential, I'll try to study it, so thanks for the suggestions. Very soon, I'll go back with new questions Best regards
  13. Hi everyone. I'm from Argentina so my appologies for my English (I'm begginer student). As I've read in other post, I also came from Textpattern world. Other fantastic CMS that gave me many satisfactions. I'm looking forward for the next version TXP5, meanwhile I'd like try on PW because many interesting things have catched my attention. I'm graphic designer with some HTML / CSS knowledge but almost or nothing of PHP. I think I've understood how PS works, but I'm stucked in something that should be very simple. So here there is my first doubt. I want to put a list of pages are using a specify template with my own markup. I guess I should use a similar code like this: $skyscrapers = $pages->find("template=skyscraper"); foreach($skyscrapers as $s) echo "<li><a href='{$s->url}'>{$s->title}</a></li>"; But, I can't understand what is $s for or how I could limit the number of pages (amongst other things) I want to show. So, I'll be grateful if someone can clear me up. I have a lot of questions but I'll try to find out by myself, if not, probably I'll go back for here On other hand, I haven't seen a forum in Spanish, so I'd like users who speak it create one. Also, I would want to offer my help for translating PW to my language and this way Spanish community goes raising such as it happens on TXP forums. Best regards and thanks in advance. Fernando
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