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  1. MySQL version is the problem! On our staging server, where the problem is happening, it is running 5.0.51. If I switch to my local install, running 5.5.24...success! Curious to know what the specific bug in 5.0.51 is. Thanks all.
  2. No error messages when I enable debug. I've noticed that after I've drag-n-drop sorted the children the records in the db are in the correct order (SELECT ... ORDER BY sort). When I reload the Admin Pages page and expand the parent page the JSON that is returned does NOT have them sorted. Looks like they pretty much get returned in order of creation. Same thing when I do a $pages-get("/parent/")->children(). I thought I came across a thread here that mentioned something about drag-n-drop sorting only working for top level pages. Something about sorting a really long list of child pages with drag-n-drop being a bad thing as the reason.
  3. Wanze, Thanks for the quick response. In the template settings for the parent page, under Sort settings for children...Children are sorted by, None was selected. Changed to Manual drag-n-drop. Didn't have an effect. Using PW 2.3.0. No 3rd party modules.
  4. First time using ProcessWire. As a developer I've been impressed so far. Having trouble sorting a series of pages that are children of a top level page. I've tried sorting them from the Pages page (/admin/page/) as well as from the Children tab of the parent page. I watch the network traffic in Chrome and see that when I move one of the pages there is a POST to /admin/page/sort/ with form data that includes sort= . But when I reload either admin page, or reload the site page that lists them, the order is unchanged. What am I missing here? Thanks!
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