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  1. Hi, Is it possible to sort by subfield's field or even deeper. e.g. Let's go wild (assume each subfield is a page reference): "..., sort=person.address.city.shortTitle" Thanks! P.S. Fetching all results and then sorting is not an option because there is a ton of records.
  2. Nice module. You should add this: $embedCode = utf8_encode($data['html']); When fetching data from providers, and set the data tables to mb4. Otherwise the output gets chewed up and throws errors. Test with instagram embed where there is an emoji in the title, e.g. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjXM8mInfN-/ Thanks for the module.
  3. Hi there! In the "PageFinder" core class there is a function "getQueryStartLimit". This is a code segment: if(is_null($start) && ($input = $this->wire('input'))) { // if not specified in the selector, assume the 'start' property from the default page's pageNum $pageNum = $input->pageNum - 1; // make it zero based for calculation $start = $pageNum * $limit; } In the scenario where a template is using "Allow Page Numbers" what this does is automatically set all $pages->find() start offset to page number multiplied with used limit. I guess this is great for basic page operations, however in the situation when using $pages->find for extra searches within template one gets odd results. This can be avoided by specifying custom start offset (zero), but this is annoying when just limiting search results. I suggest an option "assume nothing" to be implemented that could be set for template (or site) scope.
  4. Hello, I just started with PW. It's great - it's natural. Regarding this subject, I'm unable to get $templates->some_template when in ajax call ($config->ajax). The code works fine when not in ajax call. Is this on purpose? If so, how am I to save a bunch of field entries using this method http://processwire.com/talk/index.php/topic,346.msg2157.html#msg2157 ? Thanks! :-\
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