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  1. @mr-fan - your suggestion seems perfect, but it's taking forever to generate a preview on their site
  2. to use their service on non-wordpress sites would be a violation of the wordpress.com terms of service, i'm almost sure and even if i could use it, i'm afraid it wouldn't be a solution for my project - a website gallery (similar to siteinspire.com) where users can submit their fav sites too.
  3. Yep here's a link on how to do it http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/how-to-generate-website-screenshots-for-your-wordpress-site--wp-22888 It's a service from wordpress.com, but you can use it on self hosted sites too
  4. Hi guys I was wondering if ProcessWire has some kind of screenshot generator service (url 2 image) like Wordpress has. Or perhaps anyone knows/used a fast, easy to use service for this purpose?
  5. Thank you Philipp =) I hadn't noticed the system-templates. What the "modifiedUser" in the code means?
  6. That's right, thank you Martjin! I still have ProcessWire in the footer, don't worry Just trying to keep the admin as clean as possible!
  7. Ha, found out how a couple of minutes later after posting Thanks for the link mr-fan. So if I create a new field "real name" for the users, how do I display it in the frontend?
  8. How can I display the real user's name instead of the one used in the login? For example, let's say my user login is "admin" or "hafa" But I want to display my real name on the site, like so: "Posted by Rafael" So the question is how to get real names, instead of the users login.
  9. Awesome, thank you adrian! Can we use this module to change other things? I tried enabling "ProcessHome" and adding a ProcessHome.css for changing the admin colors and removing the logo, but it didn't work...
  10. Thanks adrian Any way to apply this for "home" too? The "edit, view, new" keeps showing by default..
  11. One thing I like about the reno admin theme is being able to see the "edit, view, new, move" links on hovering the pages (without needing to actual click them). How can I "import" this functionality to the default theme?
  12. How to auto-generate random URLs in PW? For example when we upload images on Tumblr, an URL to the post is created with a random number "95032257420": http://twotimeselliott.tumblr.com/post/95032257420 And an URL for the image is created: http://31.media.tumblr.com/2142197f5273865770be44723c2a5df0/tumblr_nagyr9INCE1r6ky2bo1_500.jpg How can we do that in PW?
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions of mine... - Does ProcessWire handle high traffic and large content sites? - Is PW a suitable choice for building an image-based site? Something like those inspirational Tumblogs we often see, for example: twotimeselliott.tumblr.com and bybuildshop.tumblr.com. If it is, what would be the best practices for building something like that? - Is it possible to create custom post types with PW? Like in tumblr we have text, link, quote, image, video... - How do we create "categories" and "tags" with PW pages? Any guidance will be appreciated!
  14. Hey guys, What would be the best approach to build a category system like this one: http://ge.tt/5xCWatp/v/0?c Cheers, Rafael
  15. I've been really enjoying using Bohemian Coding's Sketch app for the past couple of months and recently I noticed their official user manual for Sketch is powered by ProcessWire! How cool is that?! http://www.bohemiancoding.com/sketch/help/
  16. hafa


    Does ProcessWire have native support for Markdown instead of using TinyMCE or CKEditor?
  17. @adrian - No worries buddy @apeisa - Yup, going to later this evening.
  18. Hey @apeisa, I'd like to display relative dates in blog posts. Is the code below the best way to do something like this? <h1>{$blogPost->title}</h1> <p class='date'>Posted <?php echo wireRelativeTimeStr($blogPost->date); ?></p> <p>{$blogPost->content}</p>
  19. @adrian - Thanks for the link! So should I create a functions.php file containing the function wireRelativeTimeStr? And in my template I just do what I normally do? <span class='date'>{$entry->date}</span> Is that correct?
  20. @WillyC - Should I include it somewhere in my frontend template? <span class='date'>{$entry->date}</span> Thanks guys.
  21. How to display relative dates like the ones we often see in Tumblogs and other social networks? Examples: Just now 2 seconds ago 5 minutes ago 2 hours ago Today Yesterday 2 days ago 2 weeks ago I have a feeling it would be kind of tricky, but with PW, who knows
  22. Hey guys, Is there any way to put a site into maintenance mode directly from the cp without a plugin? Cheers, Hafa
  23. hafa


    hey guys, any update on this? i struggle with php so being able to use twig in pw would be a joy for me!
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