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  1. Hi all, I have several PW DB's / enviroments with one 'master' and several clones. When I update the master with new templates / fields or information (etc.) I now need to connect to every clone manually to enter the info in that enviroment (or connect to the DB and do some search-replace things which works as long as you dont fuck up offcourse) Is there some way to do this? I tried connecting to two PW's but when I try I get an obvious error: Cannot redeclare ProcessWireBootConfig().
  2. So for our own website I want to use the latest dev-version (2.3.1) or 2.4. Any idea on when 2.4 is going to be released?
  3. Apeisa, good idea but I need the fix sooner than 2.4 (although there are some really great features in 2.4 that we love Soma - Thnx that is a great idea that I didn't try yet... Thnx!
  4. Hey Ryan, Thnx for the answer, I posted the question and forgot to check (was hopeing for a mail :-s) Anyway we found a some-what other solution, we just dump the DB to our local-DB-server that we work, and put all info except the assets/files and assets/sessions in our git repo. With the script to import the DB we also copy the info from assets/files from the live location. This way our clients can work with the live enviroment, we can import all the live-data to our local computers and work at it this way. Only two 'real' downsides are that 'stuff' that gets thrown away in the live enviroment in assets/files isn;t deleted localy and the fact that if you change something in your local database / back-end you need to 'redo' that or do it on the live enviroment and then dump the DB back (or we can also dump our local DB to the live enviroment, but you need to be super-carefull with that offcourse)
  5. Hey Wanze, thnx for the support Didn't get a notice so I actually forgot to check here #shame... Good idea, problem is at this stage PW is beeing used by a major company (bank) and don't really want to use a dev-version (how stable it may be) Any other ones??
  6. Hi there, Surfed the Forum, but couldn't find an answer to my problem :-s I have two languages and want to show a field ONLY when it has a value in the correct language; For the default language I can create a simple check offcourse ($page->fieldname = '') But how about the alternate language (Let's say Dutch 1017) To make things more complex, I use this in a sub-function so the main variables of PW aren't arround. Any ideas? Michiel
  7. So here's the outline, me and some of my friends are working on a site together. using Git we share our code and updates but everytime someone alters something we have to re-do the steps of the otherone because of the database-conflicts if someone creates a new page ID's are shuffled. Is there a way to work in a Team with PW that works better?
  8. lol Love the German-side-topic here :-p To be a <really-smart-ass> Cool is an adeptive word in many language, so it is as much English as it is Dutch and German Anyway @Work I seldom listen to mucis @Home mostly what's on Spotify and amuses me Kinda mix of Metal (NightWish / Metallica etc.) meets Classics
  9. Hi Ryan, Any update on this topic? Reason why is that I am using ProcessWire for me and some buddies and we have a complex setup where we want have some sections that you can fill in, but are not directly visible. iow: The site is readable on mobile and desktop and I want to create a landingspage from all the articles, but on mobile the view differs from the desktop. So to do that I have some fields for the mobile-look and desktop-look. Would be nice if I could group these fields like a mobile-group and desktop-group and a third which holds the page info (header, tag, title, body etc.etc.)
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