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  1. RT @SunBets: The Met Police have launched an investigation after Frances Coquelin was shot at The Emirates yesterday. https://t.co/0uPUEP0J…

  2. hi, how can I add pageing support for the input-table? my customer already has more than 100 events. thx in advance
  3. @JOIZTV so schad um öich ? aber die wäutkarte bitte nid wägschiessä ?

  4. @spvgg1261 who is that roth? https://t.co/e1YR3tdZ8H

  5. RT @rafihazera: Gegenbewegung. Chilled sie all mal. #rts http://t.co/c5zrcxaUOO

  6. thanks for that awesome module! I like to extend the inputs with a checkbox: <td><input type='checkbox' name='{$name}_ispublic[]' value='$ispublic' {$checked}/></td> I already extend the db part and the event class, this works fine. But i stuck with the inputfield checkbox...i dont get the values to the WireInputData variable. Can anyone help me?
  7. RT @rogerfederer: My dad just send me this "When you lose the journey is endless, but when you win time just flies" #thxdad

  8. RT @Zukkihund: Vilicht gits gar kei Laktoseintoleranz und es sind d'Milchprodukt, wo eifach mit gwüsse Lüt total Müeh händ.

  9. RT @NHL: RT if you’re rooting for Switzerland and Jonas Hiller to shut out their competition. http://t.co/KgDvr1nUZr

  10. hi, I defined my own style like: { name: 'Blockelement', element: 'div', attributes: { 'class': 'block' } } now when I add two blockelements one after an other then the divs getting nested after a save like: before save: <div class='block'> test </div> <div class='block'> test </div> after save: <div class='block'> test <div class='block'> test </div> </div> Does somebody has an idea what's going wrong?
  11. rouge

    Custom Login

    I think I've read it somewhere but I can't find it again. How can I protect file access from the assets-directory? So that just a user who can see the page, can view the attached files? thx
  12. theCHIVE - Funny Photos and Funny Videos – Keep Calm and Chive On http://t.co/9abbxpg73X via @diythemes

  13. Is it possible (and how) to add some custom fields to the comment form like a website?
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