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Issue with has_parent selector


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4 minutes ago, Zeka said:

@Orkun I think that it is enoght to run it once if you have some issues or after update to PW >= 3.0.156. 


Save method from PagesParents class executes on every page save and if it's necessary it will execute rebuildAll method.


Hi @Zeka

Thank you for the clarification!

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Hi friends,

After running "$pages->parents()->rebuildAll();" in TracyDebugger (PW version 3.0.178), I got table "pages_parents" empty!

Any suggestions? has_parent still not working and I really needed it.

Thank you all


After a lot of tests, I realize that the problem is missing system resources. My database is getting huge and the rebuildAll cannot work properly. 

I did some tunning in my machine and could run properly.

I hope that problem has_parent has finally solved.

Thank you anyway!



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