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$page->title alias


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Something small one of my clients bought to my attention:

I know once you save your template, that you can set alias's for your page fields, such as title, headline etc.

However when you create a new page, it does not display this alias, not until you've created, then begin editing.

It would be great to show this alias at the time of creation, it would lessen confustion.

The use case, is sometimes you might be creating page where the word "Title" can be miss-leading. or "Title" is offered as a different field on the template.

I'm just being picky, perhaps I get my hands dirty with a module to do this.


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You can change the label of any field for a particular template. Just edit the template, click on the field name to open the modal pop up and change the label for the field - it will only affect that template.

Scrub that - I misread your post

The problem is that until you have told the system which template to use, it does not know what to call the field.

Hiowever, if the parent page's template only allows one template for children, then it does know and the alias will be displayed when you create the page.

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