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PW 3.0.238 – Core updates


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This week we have ProcessWire 3.0.238 on the dev branch. This version contains 17 commits containing new features (some via feature requests) as well as issue fixes. Recent updates have been nicely covered in ProcessWire weekly issues #517 and #518. Also added this week are the following:

  • Improvements to ProcessPageClone, which now supports some new options such as the ability to configure it to always use the full clone form (a requested feature), and an option to specify whether cloned children should be unpublished or not.
  • New $datetime->strtodate($date, $format) method that accepts any PHP recognized date string and reformats it using the given format. It also supports date strings that PHP doesn't recognize if you give it a 3rd argument ($options array) with an `inputFormat`. The existing $datetime->strtotime() method now supports an `inputFormat` option as well.
  • The Inputfield class now has new methods: $inputfield->setLanguageValue($language, $value) and $inputfield->getLanguageValue($language), added by the LanguageSupport module. Previously there were no dedicated methods for this, so you had to manage them with custom keys containing language IDs if you wanted to programmatically use an Inputfield in multi-language mode.
  • The ProcessWire.alert() JS method has been updated with an auto-close option (`expire` argument) that automatically closes the alert box after a specified number of seconds. 
  • InputfieldDatetime has been updated with 7 new interactively configurable settings for the jQuery UI date picker. See the screenshot below for an example of a few. Plus, its API has been updated with the ability for you to specify or override any jQuery UI datepicker option, either from PHP or JS, as requested by Toutouwai/Robin S. See the new datepickerOptions() method and phpdoc for details. 


Next week we've also got some more updates to InputfieldTable that take the newly added actions even further and make them easier to use. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

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